Citibank Korea Launches ‘Kospi 200 ELD’
Citibank Korea Launches ‘Kospi 200 ELD’
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WATERTOWN, MA, USA — BlueMetal Architects, a leading technology architecture firm, announced SEOUL--(Citibank Korea (CEO, Ha Yung Ku, has launched ‘Kospi 200 ELD’ that will be  offered temporarily until April 27th.

This product is a time deposit whose principal is partially or totally linked to market index, and is suitable for customers who want their principal amounts to be protected at maturity or who seek investment returns that are greater than those of ordinary time deposits. (As fees are charged on early redemption, investors may be exposed to potential principal loss)

‘Kospi 200 ELD’ offers 5.61% p.a.(before tax) of maximum yield and has a tenor of 1 year, and is linked to Kospi 200 index. ‘Kospi 200 ELD’ provides a fixed rate of 5.61% p.a. (before tax) if the index exceeds the benchmark price by 3% or more at maturity, and rates of min 0% to max 5.61% p.a. depending on the actual growth of the index if the price outperforms the benchmark price at maturity by 0%~ 3%. Even if the index underperforms the benchmark price at maturity, the principal of the deposit is 100% protected.

Since market rates are low and rates for time deposits are getting lower, these Linked Deposits are drawing keen attention from customers who want 100% principal protection plus high returns. The Linked Deposits return full principal amounts to subscribers at maturity even if the concerned indices decline and offer opportunities to invest in diverse underlying assets without risking principal loss as long as they are not redeemed early.

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