TranSwitch Powers New Grandbeing 3D Video Switch
TranSwitch Powers New Grandbeing 3D Video Switch
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SHELTON, CT, USA — TranSwitch Corporation (NASDAQ: TXCC), a leading provider of semiconductor solutions in the rapidly growing consumer electronics and telecommunications markets, today announced that the Company‘s HDplay™ 44143 dual-mode HDMI/DisplayPort transceiver has been selected by Grandbeing for its MS0501-N003 3D Video switch. Grandbeing’s switch provides exceptional 3D video output via a 100m HDBT (High Definition BroadcastTechnology) connector and fast video switching among a variety of video inputs. These input standards include HDMI and DisplayPort.

According to the Frost and Sullivan Research Service, “Currently video switcher manufacturers are increasingly focusing on multi-definition switchers -- switchers that can function in standard definition (SD), HD, 3D, and 3 Gig environments.”

“TranSwitch's HDplay™ transceivers are the first 3 Gig (Gigabits per second)-capable products to support full resolutions of HDMI and DP standards,” said Ali Khatibzadeh, President and CEO of TranSwitch, “The video switch market is growing at about 15% annually and our differentiation in speed and multi-mode functionality should position us well to rapidly gain share in this market segment.”

“Our new MS0501 raises the bar in video switching performance,” said Kevin You, CTO of Grandbeing. “With a variety of video input options, this device provides an unparalleled audio/video experience in support of a multitude of multimedia devices. TranSwitch's state-of-the-art HDplay™ transceivers provide Grandbeing with a strong competitive advantage by enabling us to define the next-generation of video solutions.”

“We are extremely pleased to have been selected by Grandbeing for the MS0501 video switch, which delivers an impressive video experience,” said Amir Bar-Niv, Senior Vice President and GM of the High Speed Interconnect Business at TranSwitch. “The adoption of different video connectivity standards has created a significant challenge for OEMs as they seek to provide high performance solutions that will enable the connection of multiple devices, using multiple standards, to a single display. TranSwitch has responded to this challenge by developing the innovative HDplay™ transceiver IC, which combines HDMI and DisplayPort functionality in a single package. This is, without a doubt, the most integrated and highest performing solution to this developing industry need.”

TranSwitch's TXC-44143 is a fully integrated interface solution that supports all HDMI 1.4 resolutions being designed into the latest 3D TVs, projectors and AV (audio/video) receivers. Through use of TranSwitch-exclusive HDP™ technology it is possible to employ a single PHY capable of interfacing HDMI 1.4 and DisplayPort 1.1 connections without the need for switching.

TranSwitch's HDplay Transceiver IC TXC-44143 Key Features:

Industry-leading integration to reduce space and simplify designs

Four HDP v1.4a Rx ports, which supports HDMI & DisplayPort Dual Mode

One HDMI v1.4a Tx port, providing full Ethernet and Audio Return Channel (HEAC)

Embedded EDID RAM

Programmable RJ-45 10/100 Ethernet output

SmartCEC™ using specialized MCU

Outstanding performance to provide crystal clear video and audio

HDMI v1.4a Rx with link speed up to 9 Gbps

Supports full 3D video and 4K x 2K resolutions

Phaswitch™ to provide fast port switching

AnyCable™ to support long and cheap cables

Eight channel I2S & SPDIF audio support

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