Structured cabling solution in fiber optics from FOSTEC
Structured cabling solution in fiber optics from FOSTEC
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SEOUL, KOREA — FOSTEC Inc., fiber optic components manufacturer based in South Korea, introduces structured cabling solution in Fiber Optic Networks System - MPO.

What is MPO

MPO stands for Multipath Push On Connector. It is an innovative fiber optic solution for network systems improvement in commercial and industrial buildings. With application of ribbon fiber, MPO connectors have multiple cores but acquire a small space. Its features include speed, high density, ease of maintenance, and reduction of construction cost.

Advantages of MPO:

MPO is an answer to new rapid telecommunication systems requirements such as:

1. High-speed bulk data transfer

2. Respond to growing bandwidth expansion

3. High density

4. Data Center should be small due to the limited space

5. Fiber should be available in all kinds

6. It has to support all types of interfaces (Ethernet, Fiber Channel, Infini Band, Pararell)

About company: FOSTEC INC, fiber optic components, cables and equipment manufacturer based in South Korea. FOSTEC is ISO 9001 & 14001, CE, RoHS, and Telcordia certified company and export to more than 30 countries. Domestically it is recognized by KOTRA Seal of Excellence, INNOBIZ, etc. Please visit for more information. For product inquiries, please contact

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