Solution Provider for Electronic Vehicle Component and Electronic Appliances: AMOTECH
Solution Provider for Electronic Vehicle Component and Electronic Appliances: AMOTECH
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AMOTECH CEO Mr. Kim, Pyung Kyu always dreams big. “AMOTECH as the world’s leading manufacturer of new material technology will sooner or later catch up and overtake global competitors such as Japan’s TDK, MURATA, and KYOCERA.”

While his visions have always been grand, they are also realistic in scope; since its initial year in 1994, AMOTECH has grown to Korea’s number one company in the Chip Varistor industry. His efforts proved successful in placing AMOTECH on solid ground. Less than a month after its IPO (Initial Public Offering), its stock price rose 30%, one indication that the company is headed in the right direction. Mr. Kim, however, feels that this is only the beginning, and there is still a long way to go before becoming the global leader in the industry.

AMOTECH’s main line-up is comprised of a variety of electric parts rather than one core item part.

Besides Ceramic Chip Varistor, which has been recently selected as World-Class Product by Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy, there are Ceramic High Frequency parts, Amorphous Core(Amorphous Soft Ferrite Alloy), and BLDC motors, amongst others. All of these are classified as high-value new materials which experts generally feel would require decades to be successful.

EMI&ESD Filter

You can find these components in your mobile phone, MP3 player, and other commonly used electronic devices. In order to prevent and decrease various types of EMI(Electromagnetic Interference) and ESD(Electrostatic Discharge) in such devices, AMOTECH is paving the way with novel solutions, The Array Filter, which is an electric component for reducing noise has been designed dual functionality for reducing EMI and ESD. Importantly, it is possible to purchase a customizable Array Filter which possesses a unique design.


Multilayer Chip Antenna

Best suitable as a wireless antenna for specifically hand-held devices and headsets with interesting benefits like Bluetooth and Wifi, AMOTECHs Multilayer Chip Antenna based off of LTCC technology (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic) can easily fit into nearly all relevant devices. AMOTECH is also able to offer Matching Technological Services if you have limited space.

Air Cleaning Motor

Built upon AMOTECHs patent technology, an axial coreless gap motor, the Air Cleaning BLDC motor for car use is simplistically referred to as an air purifier with a suction motor. It is also one fully integrated single-fan type BLDC motor with a fan. Worthy features are built-in motor drive, low noise and vibration, The Slim single body types include fans, amongst others.

AMOTECH Air Cleaning Motor

You can find more information by visiting

AMOTECH has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009. 

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