Let’s Control Our Water with Valves by Balem
Let’s Control Our Water with Valves by Balem
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Balem is specialized in producing hydraulic level control valves and automatic control valves. Since its establishment in 1984, the company has been putting ceaseless effort into the research and development of valves related to water and sewage with its abundant experience and accumulated technology. Balem is a promising company with superior technology as all products that Balem manufactures obtain domestic and foreign patents. Balem is putting an all-out effort into the development of products that can contribute to clean water control and efficient water source management with the catch-phrase of “Water is life.”

Balem participated in Water Korea Exhibitions and Korean Public Procurement Expo hosted by Public Procurement Service to demonstrate its technology. Balem’s domestic customers include local governments such as Seoul City, Jinju City, and Yeosu City, and private enterprises such as Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd, and Posco Engineering while its overseas customers include various companies located in the US, Britain, Australia, the Republic of South Africa, and Southeast Asian countries.


Robosys Robocoon Valve(Model130-010)

The pressure reducing valve is the one that reduces pressure when the liquid pressure is higher than intended and that maintains constant pre-set low pressure. This is an automatic adjustable valve that reduces pressure to a certain level.

The pressure reducing valve has a model called Robosys Robocon. Robocon Valve(Model 130-010) is a regular type of valve that can have pressure reducing function, pressure relief function, surge anticipator function, hydraulic level control function, remote On/Off function, check and booster pump control function, all depending on the pilot valves that you select. Application is possible in various fields of industry such as water and sewage, irrigation, industrial plants, chemistry, firefighting, and ship-buidling with all kinds of pilot valves operating to maximize the valve performance. Currently, the company is producing Globe-type valves and Angle-type valves standardized by KS 10kgf/㎠ and ANSI 150, which can be widely used in various fields.


Dual Setting Pressure Reducing Valve-Depends On Time Control(Model 132-060)


Dual Setting Pressure Reducing Valve-Depends On Time Control(Model 132-060) consists of Robocon Valve(Balem 130), Two Pressure Reducing Pilot Valve(Model 562) and Valve Control Device(Model VCD-01). One pilot valve can be set at a higher pressure setting for times of high water demand while a second pilot can be set at a lower pressure setting for low demand, which leads to a positive result of saving water.

The controller can be used without electric power because of a built-in battery and the program is easily operated by remote control, which enables precise and accurate pressure control. You can find more information at www.balem.com/

Balem has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010. 

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