Connecting World of Heavy Industry: SAMWON-TECH
Connecting World of Heavy Industry: SAMWON-TECH
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With its headquarters stationed in Korea, SAMWON-TECH’s operation is going global as their highly advanced facilities are located across the continents. Since its initial year of operation back in 1977, SAMWON-TECH has been specializing in designing and manufacturing hydraulic fittings; critical components in the process of connecting oil pipes to moving parts while preventing leaks to be utilized by heavy vehicles such excavators, cranes, and tractors.

One interesting fact is that SAMWON-TECH is using their own small quantity batch production; it enables the company to manufacture the products precisely based on customers’ desires without any adjustments. In order to meet these needs, the company has built a lab and invests 2.5 – 3% of total sales revenue on R&D annually.

Nearly 90% of all hydraulic fittings are designed for export. CEO Mr. Teck-woo, Lee says 30 years ago, I felt obliged to start the business, because such an industry in Korea did not even exist at that point in time. Now, even foreign companies from well-advanced countries are depending on us.”

SAMWON-TECH’s Main Items

SAMWON-TECH’s hydraulic adapters and split flanges possess a number of different practical applications; they are commonly utilized for hydraulic machines, construction equipment, agriculture machines and mining equipment. 

SAMWON-TECH’s Hydraulic Fittings

Among them are 37’’ JIC Standard Fittings. They have three parts: bodies, nuts and sleeves. All of the standard steel products have zinc with yellow chromate on their plating. Next, O-Ring Face Seal Tube Fittings have three components: bodies, “o”rings, and nuts. For Socket Welding & Screw Type Pipe Fittings, the materials are carbon steel and stainless steel forgings or bar stocks, and their manufacturing process strictly follows all international standards. 

SAMWON-TECH’s 37 Inch JIC Standard Fittings

World-famous heavy duty companies such as CATERPILLAR, VOLVO, BOBCAT, Japan’s HITACHI and MITSUBISHI are enlisted to receive components from SAMWON-TECH. In Korea, DOOSAN IFRACORE, HYUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRY, and others also rely heavily on the supply of SAMWON-TECH.

For more information, you can visit

SAMWON-TECH has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009. 

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