Digital Pharmacy is Now Yours, JVM’s Pharmacy Automation System
Digital Pharmacy is Now Yours, JVM’s Pharmacy Automation System
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Have you ever found yourself standing in a cue waiting for your turn to get medication at the pharmacy Even if there are only a few people waiting, it seems like an eternity if you are ill. Despite the best efforts of the pharmacist to work hurriedly and ensure satisfaction, there is simply no avoiding this waiting time. To make matters worse, there is always a possibility of error on the pharmacist’s behalf as they try to juggle multiple patients at once. Although these mistakes rarely occur, it poses extreme danger if you are taking the incorrect medication.

JVM introduces fully automatic pharmacy systems

Luckily, these problems are a thing of the past as JVM ( originating in Korea introduces a fully automatic pharmacy system. As a result of JVM’s introduction of this system, pharmacists from Korea as well as Europe, the USA and 33 various countries are increasing their ability to prepare and wrap medications. There are three types of unique automatic pharmacy systems which JVM has introduced.

The first one is a high-end model of Automatic Tablet Dispensing and Packaging System (ATDPS) which is connected to the Ordering Communication System (OCS) of the hospital pharmacy or the local pharmacy system and features numerous operations such as automatic sorting, dispensing, packaging, medicine expiration date control, and printing prescription details regarding tablets and capsules personalized for each patient. It also includes an inventory control feature with distinctive cutting-edge technologies. Ideal customers are pharmacies who deal with more than one hundred preparations a day.


The second design is an entry-level model of ATDPS which is also connected to OCS of the hospital pharmacy or the local pharmacy system and features the same functionality as the high-end models but ideal customers would be pharmacies dealing with 80 to 150 prescriptions a day.

The last model is AccuPharm (AMCS), a fully automated unmanned system. AMCS automatically recognizes the medication such as prescription drugs, control drugs or others according to medication management program. It sorts and stores the medication with securely and accurately in a database in order to maximize the financial and operational efficiency for hospitals and pharmacies. This is achieved by providing accurate management through access control, automated inventory control, automatic first-in-fist-out operation, and a space-efficient feature.


“The huge success of JVM was due in large part to its innovative ideas and technology,” said the Lee Yong-hee, CEO and President of JVM. “Our success in this industry is not only due to classifying and packaging medicine but also calculating the price, checking stocks and even claiming medical insurance. These complete packages allow us to be the global leaders of this industry.” For more information, you can visit

JVM has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010. 

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