Treat Your Body with the Essence of Nature: KJI INDUSTRIAL’s Sap Patch
Treat Your Body with the Essence of Nature: KJI INDUSTRIAL’s Sap Patch
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With less than twenty employees, CEO Mr. Hong, Ki-jin is standing at the forefront of the industry and enhancing his company’s competitiveness in the global market with a high degree of exported products.

His company KJI (Korea Japan International) INDUSTRIAL opened in 2001. In close technical cooperation with Japan’s Suzuki Industrial, Co., Ltd, KJI INDUSTRIALhas created and introduced the “Sap Patch” based on certain traditional folk remedies. It works by simply attaching forest sap to the sole of foot, which in turn absorbs waste materials in our body.  Nearly 99% of the production is bound for thirty different countries including Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and North America.

KJI INDUSTRIAL’s Sap Patch Line-up

Warm Sap Patch

Patented internationally with the microcapsules of warming pigment, KJI INDUSTRIAL’s Warm Sap Patch can stimulate the effects which result from long-term heating. Physical benefits are manifested as blood circulation improves, which is activated by far-infrared-rays and emitting anions (negative ions).  When pasted to the foot for a long period of time, people who suffer chronic feelings of cold are able to experience a quick recovery to stable temperatures. Natural ingredients include Eucalyptus oil, Mugwort extract, and Vitamin C, amongst others. 

Warm Sap Patch

Forest Sap Patch

Combining a variety of healthy natural substances such as wood vinegar, tourmaline chitosan, pearl stones, highly-purified silica, starch, etc., Forest Sap Patch will become powdered and processed. One can feel physically refreshed as it offers the same results as a natural forest bath while promoting blood circulation by emitting far-infrared-rays.  This patch is designed to apply to the sole of the foot; however, pasting it on the hands and targeted area on the body also works as well. 

Forest Sap Patch

Bamboo Sap Patch

The Bamboo Sap Patch is designed to combine the natural ingredients such as bamboo vinegar, chitosan, mugwort extract, pearlstone, tourmaline and others in order to allow users to enjoy the positive effects of the natural forest bath and infra-red-rays in conjunction with one another. As a result, the blood circulates and metabolism increases, and our body becomes warm and stabilized. The best way for us to maximize its effect is to apply the patch is to the sole of the foot.

Lavender Sap Patch

Lavender is known to possess a unique element called “ester” which can exceptionally relieve fatigue and cure insomnia by inducing people to relax and sleep soundly while lowering their blood pressure. As a pure natural extract from herb, it has a unique aroma and contains vital life energy, which greatly releases tension and pacifies nerves. For more information, you can visit

KJI INDUSTRIAL has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010. 

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