Chairs for Healthy Living – INNOFURNI
Chairs for Healthy Living – INNOFURNI
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INNOFURNI produces multifunctional ergonomic office chairs. People from children to adults spend a lot of time in chairs throughout the day. Chairs are so common that we often find them in a multitude of locations such as homes, schools, offices and restaurants. INNOFURNI has designed innovative chairs to help people stay healthy by pursuing a motto promoting “chair science.”As the back rest can be adjusted a fully horizontal position, its chair can be used to relax the back in the office. As the back rest can turn, people can perform a variety of stretches which helps prevent musculoskeletal pain.

The chair helps people work more comfortably thanks to the automatic return function of its back rest which is very solid.  In addition, by using the foot pad in the TOP series, people can use the chair as a temporary bed. INNOFURNI also produces chairs for students which offer the same functions that the TOP series has. Students are able to properly stretch and enhance concentration on their studies. Chairs from INNOFURNI can be customized with various options on foot pads and head stands.


INNOFURNI took part in the Canton Fair in China for five days from April 15 to 19. During the fair, the company caught the eyes of buyers by exhibiting new products such as the TOP series. Buyers from Taiwan, China and India expressed strong interest in the chairs showcased by INNOFURNI. Their sales reached USD 6.25 million. “INNOFURNI’s chairs have the world’s first 180-degree tilt system,” they said after seeing the chair.  APTUS, an Indian buyer with the largest furniture sales network in India, is planning to sign a contract in the range of USD $500,000 under the condition that they will secure an exclusive sales right for INNOFURNI products in India.


INNOFURNI is stepping up its efforts to expand in the overseas markets through the certification of the NEP New Technology Product and the KOTRA Seal of Excellence. Last year, the company had $700,000 sales with an electric power company within the Chinese government.

INNOFURNI’s international patents were registered in Taiwan, China, India and Brazil. The company is registering its patents in eight countries including the U.S. Its products are currently exported to China, the U.S. and Russia.

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INNOFURNI has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010. 

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