ST ONECHANG – High Performance Fabric
ST ONECHANG – High Performance Fabric
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Established in 1976, ST ONECHANG is one of the first Korean companies to specialize in the distribution of high performance fabric. Until the mid-90s, nylon and polyester textile markets for famous sportswear brands were dominated by Japanese companies. Korean companies lacked the technical skills to produce fabrics that are thin and light but also durable. ST ONECHANG was able to overcome these limitations by investing heavily in R&D, and succeeded in developing a high performance fabric which was also low density. Since then, the company has supplied its products to clothing companies such as the North Face, Columbia, K2, Armani and Max Mara. 


AIRZENIN Downfans is a high performance material for ultra light down jackets that first developed by ST ONECHANG. The company used sophisticated retentive fiber technology and Down Retentive Finish technology to produce an ultra light jacket that was air permeable. The jacket is easy to carry and multi-functional. It can be used as a windbreak, sleeping bag, and a jacket for keeping warm.



AQUAZEN has special layers made of millions of microscopic pores that are one-ten-thousandth the size of a water droplet. The micro pores are smaller than moisture vapor molecules, but vapor emitted by sweat is able to pass through them. Therefore, the water from outside is unable to penetrate the interior, but vapor particles are free to pass through fabric, thus making the product waterproof and breathable.



AQUAMAX is a waterproof and breathable fabric laminated with a non-porous, hydrophilic membrane. This fabric enables users to maintain comfortable feeling by absorbing and emitting vapor particles generated from sweat. It is also wind proof as the monolithic texture does not let wind in.

“Since AIRZENIN Downfans met the requirements of the North Face, it has gained in popularity worldwide. As the price of this new material is 30% lower than Japanese competitors while maintaining high quality, we signed a contract with a sportswear company to provide 500,000 yards,” the company has stated. “With rigorous quality management and technology investment, we are aiming to reach 10 million won in sales.”

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ST ONECHANG has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.

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