Advancing X-Ray Automation: XAVIS
Advancing X-Ray Automation: XAVIS
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Its name originating from the X-ray Automatic Vision System, the company XAVIS began to assume a leading role in 2002 as an X-ray detector manufacturer. Backing the company was a group of specialists with extensive knowledge and experience in developing apparatuses for X-ray, Machine Vision, and factory automation. For the past 10 years, XAVIS has been continuously setting trends (catching up sounds like they were behind) in the constantly evolving markets featuring “high precision and high quality” by focusing on developing the X-ray detector based on their technology and expertise.

Representative Director Mr. Kim, Hyeong Cheol believes that his company is well on its way to becoming the pioneer in the industry. “We shall continue to grow into a first rate company in the area by securing the best technological capabilities in the world through ceaseless technological development via rational and transparent management of the company.”

XAVIS Automatic Vision Inspection System 

Simply put, XAVIS’s X-ray detectors as seen above are capable of locating even the minute amount of impurities from your finished products. The process is automatic, and the detection can be specified to seek metals, gravel, plastics, bones, as well as defectiveness such as omission, voids, and cracks in sealed-off products, processed foods, and other processed food items. This equipment can be the ultimate safety measure that preventing your products from any defect-related claims. There are also several convenient features; automatic setting functions, daily/monthly production management; system monitoring function, monthly/automatic alarm, etc. As to specific detection details, 0.2mm for lead, iron and stainless steel bail, possible detection up to the diameter of 0.28mm, and the minimum diameter of 1.2mm for non-metals like gravels and glasses.

Fscan-3000 Series

This user-friendly X-ray examination equipment is utilized in semiconductor LED testing devices, amongst others. It offers convenient maneuvering with options such as joystick, mouse, keyboards, etc. Also, the Xscan-7000 displays high performance for SMT (Surface Mount Technology), inspection and offers strong image analysis tools, computed tomography and 3D rendering. It also features high operability, precise measurements in metric system (easy calibration), 360 degree rotational AVI file generation, and more.

Fscan-4000 Series

For more information, you can visit

XAVIS has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.



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