MetaMetrics COO Visits Korea to Promote the English Reading Index, Lexile Measures
MetaMetrics COO Visits Korea to Promote the English Reading Index, Lexile Measures
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Timothy J. Klasson, COO of MetaMetrics.

Durham, USA - Lexile Measure, ( a well-known English reading index company’s Timothy J.Klasson, COO and Todd Sandvik, Executive Director of Global Services will be visiting Korea on 23rd and 24th, for two days. Earlier this year, MetaMetrics opened the Asian Office in Seoul and is promoting and distributing Lexile Measures. It is also looking for companies which are interested in partnership.

To this end, the company is looking for a partnership which can practice using the Lexile Measures in English education. Already last year, the company became partners with the Internet bookstore, Interpark Int. and vocabulary information research institute called Natmal. Currently, Interpark Int. has been indicating Lexile Measures on its English books. The Natmal Inc. has developed E-LQ which evaluates English reading ability with the help of MetaMetrics.

For more than 28 years, Lexile Measure, developed by an American company named Meta Metrics Inc., has been used to measure an individual's English reading ability or the difficulty of an English text through a scientific measure. English education specialist agencies can utilize this reading index to improve students' English reading skills and develop English reading instruction programs.

Lexile Measure, the world’s leading English Reading index, has been used worldwide. Especially, in America, more than 30 million students in 50 states use this program each year. Recently, Lexile Measures can be scored through TOEFL Junior test hosted by ETS which many Koreans take. And students can use this score to improve their reading abilities.

The ultimate goal of Lexile Measure is to provide a unified scale of English reading and English text measure to match books with readers based on their individual English reading ability. Therefore, it has two different areas: Lexile reader measure which represents an individual's English reading ability and Lexile text measure which represents the text scale of an English book. Lexile reading measure and text measure uses the same Lexile scale by putting a letter ‘L’ behind a number to indicate the range of the book, for example 850L. The lower the Lexile Measure is it represents that the book is a beginner’s level which is easy to read. And higher the Lexile Measure is it represents that the text is advanced level for readers which is higher level of reading ability.

Meanwhile, the MetaMetrics’ Asian Division Manager Yoon Jin (39) says "for Koreans who are interested in learning English, Lexile Measure would be very helpful. We will commit ourselves in promoting Lexile Measure to help learn English easier in other parts of region where English is spoken as a second language, including Japan and China." He also says that it will seek and promote many partners in the Asian area to enhance the brand awareness of Lexile Measure.

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