For Your Personal Hygiene and Health: IZEN’s Bidet
For Your Personal Hygiene and Health: IZEN’s Bidet
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Since its inception in 2002 the three values of “Boundary-less, Creative idea, and Value”, have been focused upon IZEN Co., Ltd, setting the goal of helping each person attain maximum hygienic benefits, especially in their bathroom. With their unique technology and creativity, the company has been challenging themselves to provide the best quality solutions and showcase highly qualified experience to as many people as possible. CEO Byoung-Ki Yoo is extremely dedicated and committed to the cause, considering his personal difficulties in the past; his long-term constipation-related issues were completely healed after using enema wash function, which could be simply referred to as anus-cleansing function.

Enema Wash Function

Among IZEN’s many patents, the enema wash function may stand out plainly as it is specifically invented for any person who is suffering from constipation. Its spray nozzle body, whether one, two, or three or separate from the handle, is inserted into the lower part of a bidet body in order to be arranged vertically. From here, the spray shoots a water stream directly into your anus resulting in the discharge of any feces and toxic gas inside.


Other Features

Besides the enema wash, IZEN’s bidet water stream mixed with air bubbles is helping people feel refreshed and renewed. The seat is “one size fits all” with a small additional margin, and can be applied to a number of different toilet systems. Average housewives can easily maintain the system by installing and uninstalling in turn at their convenience. IZEN’s ultrasonic vibration fusion technology is designed to keep the bidet exactly where it should be. There are also multi-safety devices installed, and people do not need to worry about temperature or electric malfunction. The others are three-nozzle bidets for three different uses, urine protection pump, release-type deodorizing cartridge, temperature control options, power-saving, etc. 

Izen bidet

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IZEN has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.

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