Introducing the Future Vision of Display: JINYOUNG I&C
Introducing the Future Vision of Display: JINYOUNG I&C
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Since 1991, JINYOUNG I&C has established and showcased years of hard-earned experiences in LED technology into beneficial products. Recently all came to full fruition as the company landed a leading role in the industry and gained esteemed recognition. JINYOUNG I&C highly values their motto, “let’s work with conviction, belief, and originality”, and have used this to manufacture their main products, LED sign boards, as well as a variety of LED displays.

In terms of quality, CEO Mr. Cha, Jin-Gil guarantees customer satisfaction. “We are doing our best to assume full responsibility for our clients, which includes developing products, ordering, producing, and shipping. We have joined PL Insurance (Indemnity for products’ damage). We also have acquired several important certifications such as K-mark.”


JINYOUNG I&C’s tri color LED sign called “MEGAVISION” is ideal for locations such as warehouses, meeting rooms or parking lots. MEGAVISION comes with PC o Remote controller and can hold LED contents for a maximum of 60 minutes, also allowing double line texts to be displayed with multiple foreign language support. The sign can attract more people with its special LED effects, image scrolling function, video clips, crystal clear LED resolution, etc.



Applicable to a number of specialty locations such as airports, universities, and subway stations, JINYOUNG I&C full color LED sign shares many features with MEGAVISION, for example, various language support, 60-minute stop effect for contents, and so on. However, its “FULL COLOR” title means that it has more to offer; it allows dynamic full color effects, containing full color images, self-made images, full color video clips, etc. 


The company offers a full set of indoor LED signs in a single color (red/amber), three colors (RGB/RPG), and full color with remote or PC control. They all demonstrate exceptional visibility up to 500 feet, equivalent to 16 LED lamps, and they can display a total of 20,000 letters (English). Also it saves electricity costs by consuming only 1/20 the amount of electricity required to power neon signs, and guarantees 100,000 working hours.

Jinyoung_Full In Door LED

You can find more information by visiting

JINYOUNG I&C has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.

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