Misung C&S Inspection, Protecting You from Human-Made Disasters
Misung C&S Inspection, Protecting You from Human-Made Disasters
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A marvel of human architecture, the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai is the tallest skyscraper in the world, providing a stunning view on the observation deck 160 floors above the ground. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco also displays a glorious vision of the sunset while you are riding across the bridge. But if these masterpieces are not safe enough, will you still visit there on your vacation These man-made structures could be prone to disasters without the aid of a company such as Misung C&S Inspection which always protects you from human-made disasters.

Misung C&S Inspection (MCSCO: www.mcsco.co.kr) has built up a track record of completed projects through its capability and credibility in the business. MCSCO is a designated company in the field of construction & geotechnical engineering inspection and geotechnical engineering quality tests. They are also a registered company in the field of non-destructive testing, harbor planning, structural planning of geotechnical engineering, and soil tests.

MCSCO are a professional company that carries out facility maintenance and repair, inspection of structures, quality and safety inspection and reliable inspection, tests and planning. It has been consistently developing a special study for technology development designed for measurement of bridges, weak ground, tunnels, and quality test and inspection of structures.

MCSCO demonstrates an excellent skill and capability set, owning patents required in the field of foundation element inspection and steel structural construction. All MCSCO personnel strive to provide the best services to meet its clients’ needs, as well as provide the utmost effort to contribute to industrial development by taking charge of your construction quality and safety control.

MCSCO’s quality proven products

The ITS-2010 Series, an integrity tester by Sonic Coring, is the latest system that fits for testing cast-in-situ piles. It can measure piles up to 3.5m in diameter and 150m in length, and can measure the construction condition of cast-in-situ piles, mass concrete, defects and integrity of concrete. It also strengthens them via velocity of ultrasonic waves. This equipment also optimizes the construction period by checking and analyzing defects.

Breaker ITS-2000 Series

Parallel Seismic Tester (PST) checks the pile existence and defects of constructed piles on the foundation of superstructure. A seismic wave passes through the pile and it is transferred to the reception sensor in the tube. That is, the seismic wave analyses arrival at the time of signal and helps estimate the integrity of the pile.


MCSCO also produces various quality proven testing equipment such as Intelligent Data Acquisition System (WIDAS), Simulation Battage Tester (SIMBAT), Pile Impedance Tester (PIT) and more.

For more information, you can visit http://www.mcsco.co.kr

MISUNG C&S Inspection has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.

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