PLK Technologies, Life Is Safer with Extra Eyes on the Road
PLK Technologies, Life Is Safer with Extra Eyes on the Road
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A car is driving down a suburban road on a Sunday afternoon. The driver’s eyelids are getting heavy and he momentarily closes his eyes. The car weaves to the left but he is able to quickly correct this error. He continues driving for a little while and dozes off again. Suddenly, a car in front has stopped and he collides head-on into the car.

Accidents like this could be averted by a device that uses emerging new technologies created by PLK Technologies. The firm, specializing in the production of safety driving support systems, opens a new chapter for safe driving.

Roadscope LX

PLK Technologies’ main product, Roadscope LX helps to avoid accidents that commonly occur as a result of careless and drowsy driving. One of the major features of Roadscope LX is forward collision warning. The system’s small camera mounted on the rearview mirror monitors the road ahead and warns the driver via a warning message or a vibrator when a potential collision risk exists.

Another feature of Roadscope LX is lane departure warning. The system’s camera tracks the lane markings as the car moves forward and feeds the information into the device system. If the car makes an unintentional lane departure, without a blinker being activated, it triggers a warning message or a vibrator, alerting the driver to make a correction.

The stop and go alarm is also useful for drivers when waiting at a traffic signal or stalled in a traffic jam. Since Roadscope LX informs the driver as to when the car in front starts to move, drivers are not required to pay attention to whether the car in front is in motion.

Road Scope LX

High beam assistant is helpful for comfortable night driving. The system controls car’s headlights, shifting into high beams or low beams according to what is detected in front of the periphery. If there are no cars ahead, the system automatically operates a high beam headlights system. If the system detects the rear lights of a vehicle in front and headlights of an approaching vehicle, it automatically activates a low beam headlights system.

Roadscan XG

Expanding the Territory

PLK Technologies started as an internal corporate venture of Hyundai Motors in July 2000. After being spun off in 2003, PLK Technologies made tremendous efforts to expand its presence in the Korea’s OEM supply market for safe driving support systems and has become a major supplier of lane departure warning system for Hyundai Motors and Kia Motors. The company is now expanding its exports to overseas markets, exporting its safe driving support systems to the US, Europe and Japan.

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PLK Technologies has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.

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