KCC and KISA Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Korea’s Internet Introduction
KCC and KISA Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Korea’s Internet Introduction
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SEOUL, KOREA — On May 30, Korea Communications Commission (KCC) and Korea Internet Security Agency (KISA) jointly held a ceremony at Sejong Hall of Sejong Center for the Performing Arts to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Korea’s adoption of the Internet, which dates back to May of 1982.

The ceremony was partaken in by approximately 300 guests including Prime Minister Kim Hwang-sik, Lee Kye-Cheol (Chairman of the KCC), Park Jung-ho (Chairman of the President’s Council on National ICT Strategies of Korea), Oh Hae-seok (President’s special advisor on IT), Lyu Myung-hee (head of Future Strategy Planning Division of President’s Office), heads of 14 broadcasting and communications institutions, heads of local governments, companies engaged in Internet services, academics, etc.

Delivering a congratulatory speech, Prime Minister Kim Hwang-sik said, “Thanks to government-initiated drastic investment in IT infrastructure over the past three decades, Korea has emerged as a global Internet powerhouse that is the envy of other nations around the globe. I hope more attention is paid to turning the Internet into a space where we all can live happily in harmony with others.”

Lee Kye-Cheol, Chairman of Korea Communications Commission, mentioned, “Looking back 30 years, Korea was late in terms of industrialization, but we have evolved into a global Internet power house, backed by our determination to get ahead of others in informatization. Now, it is urgent to come up with comprehensive strategies that encompass the Internet and ICT ecosystems so as to help Korea’s Internet expand into the world and address global problems in an era of smart revolutions.” At the ceremony, six individuals and two institutions were awarded Distinguished Service medals for their contributions to the development of Korea’s Internet. Jeon Gil-nam, honorary professor at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), was one of the six individual awardees, who advanced Korea’s adoption of the Internet by hooking up the Computer Science Department of Seoul National University to Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (KERI), back in May, 1982.

Also decorated were professor Choi Yang-hee at Seoul National University professor (for her role in building and spreading educations networks), NCsoft CEO Kim Taek-Jin (for his contributions to the popularity of online games and online game exports), Kakao Talk founder Kim Beom-soo (for the development of Kakao Talk services and spreading the use of a mobile messenger), Kim young-mok, director of the headquarters of SK Communications (for spreading the culture of SNS and online one-person media through Cyworld) and Interpark CEO Lee Ki-Hyoung, who was the first to open an online shopping mall (www.interpark.com) in Korea.

Institutional awardees were KT (CEO: Lee Seok-chae) that expedited Korea’s Internet penetration by launching a domestic Internet service called KORNET in 1994 and NHN (CEO: Kim Sang-hun) which led the development of Internet services through its portal site Naver.

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