Manufacturing You Can Count On: Megaflexon
Manufacturing You Can Count On: Megaflexon
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From the onset of the Industrial Revolution and continuing into modern times, people have become increasingly removed from self-sufficiency and subsequently dependent on the manufacturing industry to meet their daily needs.  In order for manufacturing to successfully develop and distribute the goods and services we take for granted today, there are a multitude of essential components which the average person does not consider. One of these is expansion joints, which allow for safe absorption and contraction of a variety of construction materials. Since 1986 Megaflexon has been pioneering new approaches in the expansion joint industry. Such a wide application of uses including fossil fuel and nuclear power plants, oil refineries, and the automotive industry amongst others Megaflexon has managed to export their high quality expansion joint products to the tune of more than 10 billion USD in export records, making them a great international success.

Quality Products from a Name You Can Trust

Without a doubt, the technical and economic needs of a company determine which expansion joint product will be right for them. Megaflexon has an expansion joint to fit the specific requirements of a vast array of industries.

Megaflexon’s Metallic Expansion Joints are engineered with ‘The Bellows’, which passes the tube through deeply convoluted mandrels to enable the production of joints ranging from 20 mm to 8,000 mm, which is the industry standard. The joints themselves are manufactured from high quality ferritic and austenitic materials in order to heighten durability and longevity. Megaflexon can also provide a specialized Metallic Expansion Joint which absorbs axial, lateral, and angular movements simultaneously upon customer request. Simply put, these expansion joints are built to last.

Megaflexon Metal Expansion Joint

When an industry utilizes a vast amount of piping, and requires this piping to possess flexibility, protection from expansion and contraction, as well as efficient and economical on-stream operation, Megaflexon’s Rubber Expansion Joints are the product they seek. Rubber Expansion Joints are specifically engineered to exude the following functionality: vibration reduction, dampen sound transmission, and compensate for any lateral, torsional, angular and axial movement. The capability range of Rubber Expansion Joints is 25 mm - 4300 mm. If conventional standards are not sufficient, Megaflexon can manufacture Rubber Expansion Joints from special rubberized materials including viton.

Megaflexon Rubber Expansion Joint

CEO K.D. Jang has vowed that the company will always put the utmost priority upon providing quality and service for its valued customers. As such, Megaflexon takes pride in and stands by their products, ensuring they will not only meet but exceed your industry needs.

For more information and product availability please visit

Megaflexon has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010. 

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