Korea’s Number One End Mill Manufacturer: YG-1
Korea’s Number One End Mill Manufacturer: YG-1
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As long as the process of machining solid materials has existed, there has been high demand for cutting tools, in particular end mills. Established in 1981, YG-1 has used its 20+ years of experience to become Korea’s largest and the world’s fifth largest end mill manufacturer. As a result of its immense success in the end mill cutting tool industry, YG-1 has diversified into other cutting tools including TAP, which is used for drill production of industrial machines.


X5070 Carbide End mills

End Mills

YG-1’s leading product has long been its variety of end mills. The company supplies end mills in CBN, carbide, and HSS depending upon its intended usage. The X5070 Carbide End Mill is composed of high grade carbide and is used to machine highly hardened steel. It is applicable for high and low speed cutting. HSS end mills include the HSS-PM 1 Multi-1 Drill which consists of HSS-PM materials and high point geometry for accuracy and high performance and is used in structural, stainless, and carbon steel cutting.


Other Products from YG-1

YG-1’s TAPs are suitable for tapping blind holes, and are designed for optimal performance in materials which produce chips in continuous coil form. They offer a variety of TAPs including Spiral Flute Taps, Gun Point Taps, Straight Flute Taps, Hand Taps, Roll Taps, Nut Taps, and Pipe Taps. YG-1 Manufactures carbide and HSS standardized drills, as well as more specialized carbide and HSS spade drills. Cylinder, ball, tree, oval, frame, cone, and tapered rotary burrs are used to eliminate sharp edges on metal surfaces. For cutting spaces which require a clean and accurate surface, YG-1’s normal and counter bore cutters are certain to do the job.

Multi-1 Drill

“If it’s not perfect, it’s not a YG-1”

Throughout its course to become the world’s top company in the cutting tool industry, YG-1 has stood by the motto “If it’s not perfect, it’s not a YG-1”. Led by an aggressive marketing campaign directed at companies around the world, YG-1 has shown 37% growth annually and is continually striving to better itself. YG-1 not only provides high quality products, but active low price competitiveness with 30 – 40% differentials in comparison to its competitors. With high degrees of trust obtained from a wealth of companies including industrial giant nations such as Germany and Japan, YG-1 feels they have the products and expertise to meet any company’s needs.

For more information and specific product details please visit http://www.yg1.kr/

YG-1 has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010. 

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