Reality: Pre-empt Crime
Reality: Pre-empt Crime
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SEOUL, KOREA - According to the Associated Press, the largest police agency in Los Angeles is tackling future outlaws with "predictive policing", a new program that can identify "hot spots" by analysing past crimes and their patterns.

Built upon an prediction model for aftershocks from an earthquake, the software relatively with more accuracy generates prediction boxes to which officers can respond in spare time.

In the San Fernando Valley where it was launched last year, the police have seen a double-digit drop in burgalries and other property crimes. And plans to apply the program throughout the city are gaining support.

Anthropology proffessor at the University of California, Los Angeles, Jeff Brantingham said "The data also is from criminal behaviors."

"If you are victimized today the risk that you will be a victim again goes way up," said Brantingham, also a co-founder of a software company.

In 2011, Time Magazine selected it as one of the best inventions. Now, five LAPD divisions oversee 130 square miles and about 1.3 million people by using the program.

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