Next Generation Health Care Solutions from Bioneer Corporation
Next Generation Health Care Solutions from Bioneer Corporation
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Over the course of the past few decades, advancements in biotechnology have been nothing short of remarkable. We have witnessed the human genome decoded, genetic engineering, and disease prevention to degrees which would have been deemed right out of a science fiction novel in the past. When the company was established in 1992, Bioneer Corporation had lofty goals in mind. Since that time, Bioneer has gone on to become the leading biotech company in Korea, developing state of the art molecular biology products and technologies.

ExiStation Accelerated Molecular Diagnostics Solution

Extract DNA/RNA from various types of clinical samples and analyze results

In modern society, people want answers to their health care demands quickly. As such, Bioneer developed the ExiStation Accelerated Molecular Diagnostics Solution, an innovative, semi-automated real time qPCR based molecular diagnosis system which can handle a variety of clinical samples simultaneously without the need for pipettes. Existation HD is a fully automated solution to provide sample in, data out solutions in real time. Designed with complete LIMS integration, as well as the industry leading space / throughput ratio, ExiStation HD is capable of handling up to 480 samples per run and 5400 tests daily for an individual specimen. Existation Diagnostic Kits provide state of the art sensitivity, specificity and accurate results for infectious disease.

Bioneer’s Mission and Future

Bioneer’s ultimate goal is to become the preeminent solution provider for next generation healthcare solutions. As well as the Existation, Bioneer also manufactures products for DNA amplification techniques, Gene Synthesis services, oligonucleotide synthesis products, and PCR master mixes amongst many others. Via a combination of cutting edge technology and high quality employees, Bioneer currently operates two research facilities in Korea with 384 synthesizers contained in 226,000 square feet. This led to a successful Initial Public Offering, and a wholly owned subsidiary, Bioneer Inc. located in California, emphasizing Bioneer’s commitment to health care solutions not only in Korea but across the world.

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Bioneer has been awarded the KOTRA Seal of Excellece since 2010

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