Interrupting Electric Interference: LATTRON
Interrupting Electric Interference: LATTRON
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When imagination is developed into reality, we call it “creation”. Among many instances, the smartphone is one good example. It has drastically improved the way we live and communicate with each other. However, errors still remain, including numerous glitches and malfunctions, a few of which are critical.

One inconvenient fact that the device may create unexpectedly is tinkling in your ears, often resulting in errors in communication. Such EMI(Electromagnetic Interference) originated from electromagnetic induction or radiation may seriously disturb an electrical circuit, affecting its performance, which results in data loss or degradation. However, LATTRON has looked into the cause of this issue and found solutions.

The company first came to prominence via the “Reliable Partner for Your Dream Technology” in 1998. CEO Mr. Lee Chung-kook believes, “Materials are limited, but creation is infinite.” His company LATTRON has been providing optimized line filters such as chip varistors, feed-thru filters, and sophisticated ESD/EMI multifunction filters which can best protect delicate gadgets from undesirable noises.

Chip Varistor

Lattron - Chip Varistor

Reducing transient voltage noise, ESD & EFT, and surge in power I/O port, LATTRON chip varistor offers high reliability, a wide range of working voltages & temperatures, and various available capacities. This metal oxide-based chip varistor has non-linear voltage-current behavior that is similar to zener diode in its multilayer structure with excellent superiority in electrical reliability. Additionally, it shows better electrical properties like high clamping voltage and low leakage current.

SMD NTC Thermistor

Made from semiconducting materials, mainly consisting of sintered ceramics(a mixture of oxides from elements such as Mn, Ni, Co, Cu and Fe) different in sizes and shapes, LATTRON’s NTC(Negative Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) thermistor effectively shows decreasing electrical resistance to increasing environmental temperatures. It is equipped with rechargeable smart batteries and shows high reliability and durability. It applies to compensating temperatures for crystal oscillators, personal computers, and LCDs, and also to the temperature detection of CPUs, memory devices, and batteries.

NTC Temperature Sensor

Lattron - NTC Temperature Sensor

Designed to measure temperature, NTC Temperature Sensor is used in HVAC(heating, ventilating, air conditioning), AQS(air quality system) in cars, home networks, and ubiquitous sensor networks. The sensor with LATTRON’s excellent NTC Thermistor can offer a high level of accuracy in detection, stability, and reliability.

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Lattron has been awarded the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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