Drink and Breathe with Health in Mind: KYK
Drink and Breathe with Health in Mind: KYK
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Water is the sole vital element for all known forms of life. The majority of the earth and the human body are composed of it. We drink and use water for survival, and so do other lives. For industries, it plays a critical role; for example, water is an absolutely necessary element for the agricultural industry and often for cooling use in the machinery industry. There are countless businesses that take advantage of water solely for profit, but a few select enterprises have sincere motivation for improving human health. One of these few is a Korean company KYK, which since 2004 has been challenging the market with phytoncide and alkaline water products.

KYK’s Alkaline Water Ionizer

KYK - Alkaline Water Ionizer

KYK introduces a modern-style system that can provide alkaline water every day for your healthy life. Several prominent features begin with important components such as dual high-capacity filters and electrolysis mesh plates coated with platinum titanium. The system’s information and control display for Ph and IRO and one-touch system makes it easy for anyone to operate. With an automatic draining and cleaning system, less maintenance is required. Alkaline water is generated when water passes between positive and negative electrodes. This alkaline water can slow down aging and remove harmful acidic wastes in our body.

Air Purifier with Phytoncide KYK-2000

KYK - Air Purifier with Phytoncide KYK-2000

With KYK’s Air Purifier with Phytoncide, you can make your dream of healthy living a reality. The system for creating negative ions uses natural phytoncide, which refreshes the air, eliminates bacterias & VOCs(Volatile Organic Compound), and strengthens your immune system, as well as other positive benefits. One is also available for automobile use. Phytoncide is a natural antibiotic substance that trees and plants give off to fight harmful insects and micro-organisms, and it is effective in reducing stress, allergies, removing smelly odors or formaldehyde that causes “new house syndrome”, etc.

KYK Forphyton(Phytoncide) Toothpaste

KYK - Forphyton Toothpaste

KYK toothpaste contains xylitol, green tea extracts, chitosan, sorbitol, and propolis extracts. It is excellent for whitening your teeth, removing bad breath, and preventing cavities and gum diseases.

For more information, please visit http://www.kykok.com/index2.htm


KYK has been awarded the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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