The Prevention of Corrosion Starts with BC21
The Prevention of Corrosion Starts with BC21
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For industry, there are few things more detrimental than corrosion. Without proper prevention or notification, corrosion can wear away at important cogs driving the entire industrial machine, leading to immense damage as well as safety concerns. As such, the importance of preventing corrosion and reducing maintenance costs is of paramount importance. In 2003, BC21 Co. Ltd., recognized the importance of this, and established a company which takes pride in developing world class products which supply top of the line reliability to minimize the risk of accidents and corrosion.


The Issues of Corrosion and Reliability of BC21


Plastic Boltcap for Anti-Corrosion

As mentioned above, corrosion can lead to a multitude of issues for industry. Power plants, steel structures and other locations exposed to salinity or air pollution are particularly susceptible. Industries are forced to consider the options: expensive materials at high costs, labor intensive application of corrosion preventing paint, or the low cost and high efficiency option of boltcaps for bolts and nuts. Whereas conventional boltcaps are susceptible to cracking over time, BC21 products are designed with specialized materials combined with polyolefin, which does not crack despite exposure to a variety of environmental conditions, and also will not break despite exposure to shock. BC21 manufactures a wide range of bolt caps including Lock Type, Pipe Ring Type, and specific boltcaps for piping, road, and rail.


Recognition of Quality and Service


BC21 has garnered a wide range of attention both nationally as well as abroad for its products and service including being named “Excellent Public Procurement Product” by the Public Procurement Service, “Promising Export Small and Medium Business” by SMBA, as well as a variety of patents and certifications. BC21 products feature a one year KS Quality Standard guarantee, as well as R.S. Quality and five years of durability. For more information please visit


BC21 has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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