Affordable, High Quality Medical Lasers from Lutronic
Affordable, High Quality Medical Lasers from Lutronic
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It is no secret that as society has advanced there has been an increased emphasis on visual appearances. A simple ‘Google’ search or a walk around one of the more affluent areas of Seoul will display the sheer multitude of clinics which offer laser removal services. This is certainly a booming industry with potential to continue rising rapidly as an increased number of people are concerned with how they look. In 1997, a group of prominent scientists and members of the medical community decided to form Lutronic Corporation. Their goal was to provide high quality, yet affordable medical lasers to the international market. Lutronic manufactures and distributes a vast array of lasers, a few of which are highlighted below.




To provide patients with a fast, pain free skin treatment, Lutronic has designed the Spectra model. This model uses four wavelengths which can accommodate various skin types. It offers a fast ROI and a high peak power. It is packaged in a robust design which is versatile and powerful while being lightweight, with the type of reliability modern day clinics expect from medical lasers. The Spectra is designed for a variety of skin care purposes including removal of pores, combating acne, controlling sebum production, and reducing facial redness.




The Infini model utilizes a novel dimensional bipolar radio frequency fractional system which in turns creates small holes in the skin with micro-needles, as well as inducing dermal coagulation. The treatment, in combination with deep thermal heat allows for extensive collagen remodeling such as the removal of scars, wrinkles, and the inducement of long term skin tightening.



Lutronic Accusculpt

The Accusculpt Laser Lipo-Sculpting System is the first to feature a 1444 nm wavelength laser which takes safety, speed, and efficiency in fat deposit emulsification and body contouring to an unprecedented level. The system is designed to remove fat deposits from cheeks, jowls, chin, arms, and other areas in a quick procedure with minimal downtime. The Accusculpt is the most powerful body sculpting tool currently available on the marke.


Lutronic’s Track Record and Commitment to Excellence

 Lutronic is widely recognized as a global leader for the development and manufacturing of medical lasers specialized for doctors, dentists and aesthetic clinics across the world. Lutronic is listed as a publically traded company with authorized distributorships in 60 countries globally. With a 15% reinvestment of revenue in research and development, Lutronic ensures that the company remains at the absolute cutting edge of medical technology in this rapidly evolving industry.


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 LUTRONIC has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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