Fine Inc. Leads Industry Equipment into the Twenty First Century
Fine Inc. Leads Industry Equipment into the Twenty First Century
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It is apparent to anyone paying attention that the automotive industry is in a state of rapid transition. One needs to look no further than the American ‘Rust Belt’ cities to see the demise of conventional auto making, as well as other forms of industry which were vital cogs in the twentieth century. As a result, big industry players are looking beyond traditional components and manufacturing methods, and into innovative ideas which will allow them to gain a competitive edge. Since the company was founded in 1989, Fine Inc. has been developing a variety of novel equipment for auto manufacturing, wastewater treatment, and rubber related new materials, making them a cornerstone of a variety of industries.


Washing Machine


Throughout the process of manufacturing, it is unavoidable that unwanted material such as dust, oil, or paint chips may find their way onto objects. For this situation Fine Inc. has manufactured the ‘Washing Machine.’ The system is optimized depending on the object it will be working on and features a safe and environmentally friendly design. It is fully automated and designed to enhance cleanliness while reducing recycling of detergent, and also be easy to maintain. It is available in a number of washing methods including standard spray, air mixing, underwater jet spray, high pressure deburring, and ferris wheel types.


Shoe Material


When designing a shoe, the importance of the materials cannot be overlooked. One must consider weight, price, and durability amongst other factors. Fine Inc. has designed a shoe material which utilizes rubber rather than natural leather for the upper leather portion of the shoe itself, allowing for higher flexibility, as is exhibited in an outsole. The shoe material is available in Super, Tank, Kick, Rubskin, and Hybridtek varieties depending on the type of shoe it will be utilized in.


A Major Player in Industry

 Fine Inc. has produced products at an exemplary level for a number of industry powerhouses. The company has numerous partnerships with major players including Hyundai, Samsung, Volvo Korea, Posco, GS, LG, Nike, Adidas, amongst many more. If this was not enough to guarantee quality, Fine Inc. has also received quality assurance certifications including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and CE. The company vows to be a customer oriented and innovative partner while working with immense passion and sincerity.

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