The Future of Automation in Hospitals and Pharmacies from JVM
The Future of Automation in Hospitals and Pharmacies from JVM
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Having a prescription filled is a process which everyone is familiar with. The doctor provides a diagnosis, writes a prescription, which is then taken to a pharmacy and filled out by the pharmacist. However, via this process there is the possibility for errors. The pharmacist may accidently supply an incorrect dosage, or the prescription may not be immediately available, which costs you precious time immediately and in the time required to get better. Since 1978, JVMCo. Ltd., has recognized the need for increased efficiency in pharmacies and hospitals. The company has been utilizing its 34 years of experience in a forward thinking direction to develop automation systems for pharmacies and hospitals worldwide.


AccuPharm Automation Medication Management and Sorting System (AMSS)

JVM Accupharm

It is natural to assume that even the most careful of humans are prone to unforeseen errors. The AccuPharm AMSS reduces the potential for error by supplying a fully automated, unmanned system which is capable of recognizing prescription drugs, control drugs, and others automatically. The system further sorts and stores the medication, as well as storing the information safely and securely in a reliable database, increasing the financial and operative efficiency of pharmacies and hospitals.


Automatic Tablet Dispensing and Packaging System (ATDPS)


By connecting directly to the OCS (ordering communication system) of the local or hospital pharmacy system, the ATDPS is able to automatically sort, distribute, and package prescription medication in a customizable form while printing and totaling the results both rapidly and accurately. This system is the ideal solution for pharmacies which receive one hundred or more preparations per day.


Proven Results and Forward Thinking


Through its open management and co-existence philosophy, JVM has achieved the status of the number one company in the pharmacy automation market with exports to more than 33 countries around the world. The company has received numerous accolades and other forms of recognition including ‘World Class 300’ by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, ‘Hidden Champion’ in the KOSDAQ (Korean Exchange), and recipients of the Presidential Award from the Korea Precision Industry Technology Competition, amongst countless others.  They retain the intellectual property rights to over 230 domestic and international patents as a result of their innovative technology and novel ideas. JVM is devoted to providing the best customer service in the industry, and taking what would have been only dreams in the past and transforming them into the reality of the health care industry.


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 JVM has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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