BioHealth World : Improving Natural Healing Power with BioHealth World
BioHealth World : Improving Natural Healing Power with BioHealth World
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Technological and medical advances have increased our life expectancy significantly. However, because of prolonged life expectancy, we are exposed to greater risks involved with diseases and ageing. Along with people’s desire for a more energetic and healthier life as they grow old, health aid appliances and products are growing rapidly.  


Established in 1991, BioHealth World is specialized in manufacturing medical appliances and health aid products. With the vision of improving people’s health through living goods with health aid functions, the company produces about 50 kinds of health aid products including women’s lingerie, men’s underwear, and socks. Not only that, they produce a massage chair and a waterless foot bath and have a range of water filters and purification devices.


Secrets of BioHealth World Products

BioHealth World - Chair Massager

BioHealth World’s health aid products are made according to the company’s patented foam printing method, which uses a body-stimulating agent. Thanks to this technology, the company’s products emit negative ions and far infrared rays at a similar level emitted from a thick forest.

BioHealth World - Water Purifier

One positive effect of negative ion is eliminating metabolic waste products in the body. Negative ions are the cleanser of our body. They absorb excessive acids, metabolic waste products, and effectively eliminate them when our pH level is in imbalance.

BioHealth World - Women Underwear

Far infrared rays stimulate human cell activities and tissues by penetrating deeply into the skin and warming the body from the inside. They also relieve pain and stress, relax muscles, and improve blood circulation. Through these functions, the body’s overall immune system becomes stronger.

Currently, the company is developing products with treatment functions by using organic germanium and nano-calcium. Organic germanium has the benefits of treating high cholesterol, diabetic and cancer as well as enhancing the body’s overall immune system.   


Expanding the Market with Proven Technology

For excellence of health aid functions, the company’s products have garnered immense recognition. It acquired ISO 9001 and FDA Approval and were recently chosen as a "Promising Small & Medium Export Enterprise." Kim Wan-gyeom, the CEO of Bio Health World says, “The vision of our company is to provide health benefits to people through living goods at reasonable prices. We are planning to launch the product line that has treatment functions.” The company is currently expanding into overseas markets, exporting to the US, Japan and Southeast Asian countries.


For more information, you can visit

BioHealth World has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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