Homoon "Wollock" Chung's Brush Painting
Homoon "Wollock" Chung's Brush Painting
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Divine Dragon

SEOUL, KOREA — Here is how eastern drawing is unfolding as on-lookers are gazing at a drawing. Unbalancing white blankness slowly appears signified, and so do the lines which are aesthetic, black at times, and often thick, positioned either centrally or peripherally. A few rebellious colors, if any, become more conspicuous and are meant to deliver the interpretation of a painter’s impression: the technique that many pundits praise as “Beauty of Blankness“. Either more or less emphasized, acting elements converged in one single picture often make the naked-eye debunk what the subjects secretly implicate.

 As a theme, eastern drawing has throughout history been based on only few leads with exclusivity and boundary. Here are major subjects; the four gracious plants (plum, orchid, chrysanthemum, and bamboo), flowers and birds, landscape and animals such as horse.

It is a beautiful art that every aspiring painter wants to follow. Each of them first takes a trodden path and practices with passion as they go. When the time comes that their skills have become fully matured, they are usually referred to as an “independent artist “. Just like an apprentice who mastered his skills is more likely to usher in a new artistic technique, and an independent artist, Homoon “Wollok” Chung Youn found her road never travelled.   


Though two objects “horse and lotus” remain her main relishes, Homoon has been poking at a variety of different concepts; tabooing tradition either wholly or partly, she touches upon versatility that stretches widely from landscapes to peacocks and cherry blossoms. Her paintings look dynamic in nature, peppered with the different movements of the horses and the shade of the lotus. By slowly applying more colors in a proper way, she effectively expresses her own interpretation and personal impressions. 




An eastern-style painter flares up in the lotus and horses in her unique art pieces.  She rose to fame with her signature development and departure from the traditional interpretation of Chinese Brush painting. Her work is best characterized with her own representation and technique.




She studied French, and went to Sorbonne, university in Paris, which never favors any aspiring artist. However, her deviant career as a painter was meant to be. When she met a Chinese master in Manila where her husband worked for an international company, she started working on her calligraphy, which eventually led to the eastern painting.

“At the onset of my artistic journey, I was first interested in calligraphy,” Homoon appears for an interview with KTN(Korean Television Network) in Atlanta, U.S. 

Horses & Sun
Roaring I


“The last object for students who practice eastern drawing is ‘horse’”, says Homoon Chung Youn,

“I adore drawing horses. They represent courage, intelligence, and generosity.” The stroke of the horse painting is the calligraphy itself.



Lotus in the Rain
Lotus in the Wind



“The lotus is my favorite. I think it is very feminine, whereas the horse is masculine. And I am very happy when I draw both of them as they balance with each other.”



For her latest exhibition, the one for the purpose of charity, “I drew a vast number of paintings and never felt tired, for it was solely about helping people.”

Academic Background


Homoon Wollock Chung Youn

She graduated from both Ewha Women’s Univ. B.A., French Literature in 1962 and New York Univ. M.A. French in 1966 . She studied French at Sorbonne, University of Paris, France from 1962 ~ 1964. Assistant Professor at Sung Shin Women’s Univ. and Manila Women’s Univ. from 1967~1969, Member of Chinese Artist’s Guild under Prof. Chen Bing-Sun for 20 years from 1970~1990, studied under Professor Li Chi Mao, General Yeh Tsui-Pai, and Artist Chao SHao-An from 1985 ~ 1989, taught Brush Painting at Wollok Atelier, both Seoul and Manila from 1977 ~ 2001. Since then, she has been working on pottery, silk painting and Korean Fork Art in Korea.  



Her first and second exhibition were held in Seoul, Korea throughout 1978 ~ 1979. 3 years later, her 3rd Solo Exhibit (1982) opened. In 1983, she received Award of Appreciation at Art Society of International School, Manila. Next year, her 4th, 5th, and 7th Solo Exhibits (1984~1986) took place in the U.S.A. From 1986 ~ 1987, her 6th and 8th Solo events went successfully under “Blue and White Porcelain” at Manila and “Theme of Horse”, Seoul. From 1989 to 2005, there are the 9th Solo “Art to Wear”, Manila (1989), the 10th and 11th Solo “Thme of Lotus”, Manila (1992~1994), and her 12th and 15th Solo events, Seoul (1995~2005).



Homepage : www.moonsgallery.com

Email: homoony@hotmail.com

Mobile : 82-(0)11-687-3868

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