Mika Medical Co. – Integrating Comfort with Orthopedic Medical Supplies
Mika Medical Co. – Integrating Comfort with Orthopedic Medical Supplies
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We live in an era where affluence is at an all time high. People work hard to make money, and as such they have certain expectations regarding their lifestyle. One of these expectations is comfort. Particularly when people are injured, they expect the best treatment available, and to experience as minimal amount of pain as possible. Luckily, there is Mika Medical Co. Established in 1990; the company began as a localized supplier of orthopedic surgery tools, equipment, and medicine. The company’s tireless efforts in research and development have grown their brand name to supply their own brands with the highest quality in the market.


The Products of Mika Medical Co.


Mika Medical Co. has used their accumulated expertise to design an array of orthopedic surgery tools that supply high quality while maximizing comfort, appreciating the desire of patients to be as pain free as possible. The Phil-Cast is designed to compress, fix, and support the portion of your body that has suffered from fractures or other orthopedic issues. The tape itself is made of glass fiber or polyester fabrics and contains water-hardening resins, the catalyst itself being water. The product itself has been designed completely with in-house technologies and comes in a variety of colors and specifications. The Phil-Splint is used for emergency treatment of patients suffering from fractures, dislocations and other impairments. It possesses eight layers of PU resin that is coated to the glass fiber fabric to increase firmness in a lightweight form. It has excellent waterproofing and strength, while facilitating a variety of molding specifications. Other products from Mika include the Phil Roll Splint and Phil Brace amongst others.


Global Brand Recognition

Although beginning as a Korean medical product supplier, Mika Medical Co. has become world renowned for the quality of its products, and subsequently exports to more than forty countries around the globe. Along the way they have assured the highest quality control by attaining CE, FDA, GMP, and ISO9001-2000 certifications. Mika has also received the KOTRA Guarantee Brand Seal in 2010. For more information please visit http://www.mikamedical.co.kr/


MIKA MEDICAL has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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