HEXPOWER SYSTEM CO., Ltd. : Window to The Future of Alternative Energy
HEXPOWER SYSTEM CO., Ltd. : Window to The Future of Alternative Energy
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Scarcity dawns a threat to our civilization.  Scientists and engineers have been in constant search for natural resources that would never run dry, at least, in theory. Recent breakthroughs such as “alternative energies” gave people a glimpse of hope of what lies in the future. Among these energies is solar energy, the most useful and widely used in many industries.

In order to generate electricity, the photovoltaic method converts solar radiation into direct current electricity through semiconductors. This process utilizes numerous solar panels spread out in an open field exposed to sunlight.

HEX Photovoltaic System

Since 1998, HEX POWER SYSTEM has contributed all of its efforts and know-how to the photovoltaic industry. By manufacturing Photovoltaic grid-connected inverters and providing its solutions, the company has been recognized and approved by KEMCO (Korea Energy Management Corporation). Successfully introducing a number of grid-connected inverters in various capacities, its incessant R&D efforts gave birth to the production capacity of 100MW per year.


Grid-Connected PV Inverter

HEX POWER SYSTEM’s grid-connected inverter “Solarlink” delivers energy solution to our home, industrial sites, and even remote areas deemed unreachable.  Solarlink’s highly efficient and environmentally friendly performance gives the customers a first-hand experience of what the future holds for the company and the world. 

Solarlink’s grid-connected photovoltaic inverter with system monitoring and self-diagnosis feature can regulate its power delivery depending on environmental conditions like solar irradiation, temperature, and humidity.  Furthermore, it guarantees ease in operation while operating at its maximum power rate of 96%. You can find more information at http://www.hex.co.kr/english/business/business1.aspx

HEX POWER SYSTEM has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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