Illuminate the World with Lighting Solutions: KUMHO ELECTRIC
Illuminate the World with Lighting Solutions: KUMHO ELECTRIC
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The Sun enlightens the world during the day time. At night, the Moon sneaks in to steal the show but always poorly performs. Disappointed at their activities being allowed only under the Sun, primitive and rebellious people fought Mother Nature and started using a fire as an alternative.  Later, they invented an artificial light to beat darkness.  As technology advanced, the light evolved. And now it has become something bigger than itself.  A Korean company puts a spin on its role in an artistic way “Lighting Technology Becomes Lighting Art.”

KUMHO ELECTRIC has been as steady as those unbending years with endless efforts and earned-experience dating back as far as 1954 with only one focus in mind: to offer lighting solutions.  Had it not been for their enthusiasm, being the first to acquire KS Mark including Q Marks for its all product lines and numerous related-prizes & certifications would have been impossible. These feats are the result of KUMHO ELECTRIC’s ever-advancing technologies. 

One of its notable achievements is its introduction of the First-ever Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) in Korea and 2000mm CCFL in the world. KUMHO ELECTRIC supplies BLU Units for colored mobile phones, laptop computers, and LCD-based Ts.

Lighting Solutions Efficiency

KUMHO LED Fluorescent Lamp

Consuming only 25% energy of conventional fluorescent lamps, KUMHO ELECTRIC’s LED Fluorescent Lamp can replace standard T8 lamps. It has a shelf life of 50,000 hours and is environmentally friendly as there is no Mercury, UV or infrared. It maintains its full brightness even at low temperatures. Its applications include conventional houses, apartments, buildings, parking lots, and so on. Being widely compatible with any normal fluorescent ballast is one of its prominent features.

High Brightness CCFL EXIT Sign

KUMHO Econergy is what KUMHO ELECTRIC proudly introduces as “Super energy-saving fluorescent lamp”. The lamp spans 16,000 hours on average and can last for hours. The product has many different types of lamps such as circular, bulb, compact, electrodeless, and many more.

For more information, you can visit

KUMHO ELECTRIC has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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