Revolutionary Solution to the Pedestrian Safety at Crosswalk :SEO
Revolutionary Solution to the Pedestrian Safety at Crosswalk :SEO
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Many people think hitting the roads of the city is more dangerous than in the country because of heavy traffic. However, studies have concluded that more serious accidents happen in the country as people tend to drive at a faster speed and become less careful on country roads. The risk is even higher at night as many country roads lack traffic lights and signal controllers.

Crosswalk LED Lighting

SEO introduces its crosswalk LED lighting system, which can help protect pedestrians at a crosswalk that has no traditional traffic signal installed. It aims at making country roads safer. 

Established in 2004, SEO Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing LED systems such as LED lamps, LED street lights and crosswalk LED lights. Among its products, the crosswalk LED lighting system has gained the most attention for its effectiveness in preventing traffic accidents at crosswalks. The system is comprised of four LED-mounted bollards which illuminate the crosswalk brightly enabling drivers to assess the road situation preemptively and slow down when necessary. 

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SEO’s crosswalk LED lighting system has an optimized design to illuminate any crosswalk. Its illumination angles are adjustable depending on the road situation. The system has a water-proof and dust-proof function to prevent dust and moisture from entering the equipment. By installing a blackbox at the crosswalk, frequency of hit-and-run accidents can significantly decrease.

With its proven technology and quality, SEO’s crosswalk LED lighting system has already been installed in some local governments including Kwangju, Busan, Daejeon and Muan. Its highly-regarded stability and reliability set an influence to The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs to install the crosswalk LED lighting system nationwide next year to prevent traffic accidents.  

Hitting two birds with one stone, The LED lighting system has not only improved road conditions, but has also raised company revenue increased 5.5 billion won in 2010 to 5.7 billion won in 2011. This year, the company is targeting 10 billion won.  Its confidence in product quality led to its penetration of the international market. In December 2011, SEO jointly set up a LED production line with a Russian firm in Zelenograd Tech Park Complex in Russia and started the mass production of LED street lights. Please visit for more information.   

SEO has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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