Spatech, ‘Nano Treatment System N Care’ Working for Skin and Scalp Management
Spatech, ‘Nano Treatment System N Care’ Working for Skin and Scalp Management
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Nano Treatment System,  

WONJU, KOREA — Treatment System N Care appeals to various kinds of skin care shop, beauty shop, oriental medical clinic, and plastic surgery as well as scalp and hair clinics, scalp care instructor academy, scalp and hair product company, and hotel spa.

N Care, developed by Spatech, is skin and scalp treatment system using Nano Technology; it granulates bioactive substance and active component into the product in smaller size than pore by using Nano-gun spray so as to permeate them deep into scarfskin when sprayed upon skin tissue.

There has been an issue pointed out that some beauty treatment devices don’t spray fine particle of medicine making it stay on the horny layer of skin surface.

N Care is applied with the principle of Electroporation (gene transfer method using electric pulse to make fine hole on the cell membrane) based on the Nano Technology and Iontophoresis which can increase ionic medicine’s permeation into skin.N Care In this way, N Care can make any ingredient permeate into cell through epidermis increasing the effect of active component, and is effective in improving dry, aging and other problematic skins. This skin permeation increasing method acquired a patent in last 2009.

In addition, N Care administers low level laser to increase blood flow and antibody, and increases the activation of immunocyte and effect of anticancer activity.

Besides, N Care has diagnosis functions on the state of scalp and hair which is suitable for those who are concerned about hair damage or loss. N Care informs us about the shape of pore and hair bulb fallen out, color and smell of scalp, infection, sebum secretion rate, and demodex folliculorum state, and enables us to make correct diagnosis on the hair thickness and damage state, scalp disease and physical disease, genetic predisposition, and hair loss type and degree.

CEO, Jeong-dong Lee said that “N Care was developed by applying the knowhow and technologies that Spatech has built so far” and added that “it is very effective in skin reconstruction and anti-aging as it can granulate bioactive substance and active component into Nano-size.” For more information please visit, email to and call at +82-33-748-9064

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