Investment Casting Specialist: BA METAL
Investment Casting Specialist: BA METAL
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Small components are put together to build various industries from the ground up. Technology growing at a fast pace especially need such metal parts, and people, in order to produce them with accuracy, repeatability, and versatility, invented what is called “Investment Casting”, otherwise referred to as “Lost-wax casting”. For small components, Investment casting is one of the oldest and effective industrial processes in making a variety of high-performance alloys and metals. It also can be useful when complicated shapes are required. In Korea, the company BA METAL is determined to contribute to industries with the investment casting process.

Registered in 1995, BA METAL has been specializing in manufacturing various casting products made from steel, carbon alloy, grey iron, etc. “Based on our lost-wax process, we have been able to introduce all types of steel and iron metal parts at relatively low prices, and customers can expect on-time delivery ,” said President Youn-Seob Kim.

BA METAL’s Investment Casting

Pistol frame, Slider pintle & Parachute parts

The company prefers investment casting over others, and here is why; First, the process offers design flexibility, and engineers and design drawers can anticipate precise details and dimensional accuracy. Second,  as setting-up tools are unnecessary, it leads to reducing costs. And on-time mass production is possible since the process is simple enough (one casting produces many different parts). Third, complicated shapes such as holes, bosses, splines are applicable. Last, improving mechanical performance and properties can be attained through metallurgical control of size, direction, etc.

BA METAL Products

Turbine wheel impeller parts and nozzle ring parts

BA METAL’s products can widely cover what most industries demand, and their quality comes from its tight control under strict tests like metallographic microscope test, spectrometric analysis, 3-dimensional measuring test, and Rockwell hardness test. There are three prominent categories: turbine wheel impeller parts and nozzle ring parts, pistol frames, slider pintles & parachute parts, valves, discs & wedge parts. You can find more information at

BA METAL has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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