21st Century’s Welding Specialist : AUTOWEL
21st Century’s Welding Specialist : AUTOWEL
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Welding is a process that involves joining such materials as metals or thermoplastics. Before modern welding methods come along, for centuries, the blacksmith used only the process called “forge welding” in which they heat and hammer iron or steel. Upon entering the 20th century, its technology advanced so far as to introduce several modern techniques including shielded metal arc welding which is still the most popular method. Lately, there have been automatic and semi-automatic ways such as gas metal arc welding, submerged arc welding, friction stir welding, etc. Many people say robot welding will dominate the future, and AUTOWEL claims a part of its future with a full blown dedication to the industry.

AUTOWEL has progressed since 2005. And the company is now one of the leading manufacturers of welding & cutting machines including technical consulting services. In addition, AUTOWEL’s exclusive R&D center deserves attention as it has continued to keep customers satisfied with the best welding quality and stability.

AUTOWEL Welding Machines

Thyristor Submerged ARC Welder

Being able to provide heat capacity and durability, AUTOWEL’s Thyristor Submerged ARC Welder is applicable to various fields like shipbuilding, heavy industry, plant engineering, etc. It is also equipped with an operator-friendly control panel, function for adjusting a wide range of pole and angle, stable moving carriage, tandem function as per AC-AC and DC-AC combination.

AUTOWEL’s Submerged Auto Carriage is bragging about using a very strong wire motor and delivering the wire smoothly. The control panel is designed aiming for high efficiency and users’ convenience. The company guarantees the best quality welding beads.

Thyristor CO2_MAG_MIG Welder

For welding work at shipyards and plants, AUTOWEL’s Thyristor Co2/MAG/MIG Welder comes in. The welder with maximized durability and efficiency can maintain a constant output voltage for a 100 meter welding cable. There are over-current and over-temperature protection functions. You can find more information at http://www.autowel.co.kr/

AUTOWEL has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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