The International Standard of Automated system for Brazing : SK BRAZING
The International Standard of Automated system for Brazing : SK BRAZING
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The year 2006 is the most memorable one for Dr. Young-shik Shin, CEO of SK Brazing co. because American Welding Society(AWS) invited Dr. Shin as a consultant to update “Brazing Handbook”, which is considered the Bible in the welding industry.

Dr. Young-shik Shin, CEO of SK Brazing gives a lecture about the theory of braizng

He received a standing ovation for introducing “Automated technology of Torch Brazing”, which made it possible to set a remarkable record that the company was introduced as a leading company in the brazing industry in the fifth edition published in 2007. It was the first time that a Korean business put its name on the book since 1919 when AWS was established. He said, “I was the only Asian out of 30 welding engineers. It seemed to pay off to achieve the cutting-edge technology through constant research and development.”

SK Brazing, established in 1987, is a leading company in the automated brazing system industry, a special kind of welding that joins metal without melting the material. The firm is one of the strongest small companies as it exports the systems to 41 countries worldwide including the US, Europe, Japan, and China. Importantly, it has the integrated process system from design to production. The products that SK Brazing manufactures perform the special welding called “brazing and soldering” with an automated system.

The main focus is “Torch Brazing automated equipment,” which is gas-heating technology. It is possible to weld up to 700,000 times with this equipment, boosting each worker’s productivity more than 100 times. Many overseas companies, let alone domestic conglomerates, visit the company to benchmark its technology.


Automatic Brazing Machine

Automatic Brazing Machine

For refrigerator and air-conditioning parts, SK Brazing introduces “Aluminum Coil Brazing Machine”. The system is designed to avoid an orange peel phenomenon crack including erosion on the brazing of aluminum u-bends coils.  It is especially for the brazing of aluminum heat exchange coils; SK BRAZING offers several different types of gas flame brazing/soldering and ultrasonic brazing/soldering machines.


Service Valve Brazing

Service Valves Brazing

For the brazing of service valves, SK BRAZING offers its own Service Valve Brazing system. The machine uses water-cooled fixtures in order to avoid heat damage to its valve core. Also, the valve can be brazed after full assembly. And there are all four types : free flow conveyor type with water-cooled jigs, 4 station index type with 2 fixtures and water-cooled jigs, 8 station index type with jig turning, and 6 station index type with water –cooled fixtures.

 He explained that today’s competitiveness is resulted from its R&D and craftsmanship. He said, “Putting together all the careers of our engineers, we have about a century-old technology. The equipment of our company, certified as technology-intensive, is customs-free when it is exported.

 Dr. Shin is an engineer himself with a 20-year experience in brazing. He also is the one who introduced brazing technology to Korea. With a doctoral degree in metal engineering, he is famous for doing various  processes ranging from designing to overseas marketing. The sales contract worthy of 700 million-won with a US large company was won through the local presentation by himself.

 These days he is working as a so-called “brazing missionary” in order to change  the belief that welding is one of the 3D jobs(difficult, dangerous, dirty). “We currently have in-house courses for the public including students and housewives to change the perception towards welding as well as contribute to society with our knowledge,” said he. You can find more information at


SK BRAZING has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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