Shaping the Future of Agriculture with Seedling Trays : BUMNONG
Shaping the Future of Agriculture with Seedling Trays : BUMNONG
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Seedling is a young plant growing from a seed. Directing its development flawlessly is never easy as the task is highly demanding and needs a lot of care. However, with BUMNONG’s seedling trays, people may well expect good results. With over 60% market share in Korea, the company is poised to compete globally.

Since 1995, BUMNONG Co., Ltd has been described as “Global, Green, and Good”. It is spreading the benefit of Korea’s raising seeding materials in the global market via its widely-stretching marketing networks. In order to guarantee food safety and be a genuine producer of organic food, the company’s deepest care for our natural environment goes extra miles by promoting its research and with investment. BUMNONG takes responsibility of providing more quality seeding devices to customers, inching closer to a zero defect rate. And the firm has been specialized in making trays that help seeds grow. Looking around its website, you can run into various certificates and awards that certainly guarantee BUMNONG’s attention to high quality.

BUMNONG Products

Silver Silicon Tray

With Silver Nano’s purity reaching nearly 99 %, BUMNONG’s Silver Silicon Tray can be described as “highly functional”. There are all three major bright sides to look at; the tray’s coating restraint effect by directing sunlight to plants by maximizing photosynthesis in a short period of time, preventing harmful parasites and diseases from growing during the beginning phase of seeding, and Silver Tray’s relatively lower temperature in summer can get rid of stress and decrease the risk of diseases for roots, while in winter, its temperature rises inside the tray’s tunnel, which keeps roots from getting cold-weather damage and risks due to low temperatures.

Flank-Punched Tray

BUMNONG’s Flank-Punched tray can help roots’ development. Any conventional punching tray usually let some parts of roots slip through, which makes it hard for them to grow in a favorable way, and Flank-Punched tray has no water collection parts so that there will be no dangling dry roots and more rootlets can thrive and develop. Flank-Punched tray helps faster rooting, speed up the generation of rootlets, preventing waterborn germs, minimizing root dry phenomenon, etc.  



Fibroot is Bumnong’s functional tray that achieves 100% seedling stand rate and sterilization. BUMNONG’s Fibroot can restrain root elongation and stop the forming of root ball, which make manual and mechanical transplanting easier. And nursery plants growing on Fibroot can well stand heat and cold, also drought and flood. Even, its root can be well placed in soil, the nursery plants’ quality and productivity is superior to those with conventional trays.  You can visit for more product information.

BUMNONG has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009

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