From IT Powerhouse to SW Giant?
From IT Powerhouse to SW Giant?
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Production of 53 trillion won, exports of $5 billion in SW industry within 5 years To secure Korea's location as an SW (software) powerhouse in the coming years, Korea's Ministry of Information & Communication (MIC) is planning to nurture the SW industry intensively as national infrastructure. Through a report meeting regarding "SW Industry Development Strategy" held in COEX in Seoul at the beginning of December 2005, MIC Minister Chin Dae-je presented to President Roh Moohyun concrete policy plans, such as IT service companies' specialization, imbedded SW high grade manpower nurturing, leading company nurturing, which spearheads package SW, and digital content first-rate company nurturing, as the main promotional tasks for SW industry development. As an SW industry feature leading up to 2010, which will be embodied through such policy promotion, he forecasted production of 53 trillion won, exports of $ 5 billion, and 10 global 100 mark companies. President Roh urged smaller companies and larger companies to cooperate for their coexistence, mentioning that the government will concentrate national capacity in the development of this field now that SW is important as part of the national infrastructure. He further underscored the importance of manpower nurturing and public market creation for the competitiveness strengthening of the SW field, praising MIC's timely initiative to present its policy vision from "IT powerhouse to SW powerhouse." First of all, in as far as Korea's IT service industry was concerned, it has attained growth through e-Government and corporate informatization etc. in the meanwhile, but owing to IT service market saturation by informatization maturity and specialization shortage due to domestic market dependency its global competitiveness is still insufficient. To solve these problems, the government is actively endeavoring to create a public market by identifying large public informatization projects of national system innovation dimension, plus driving strategic overseas market inroads by developing e- Government as well as WiBro & DMB's construction experience, an IT839 outcome, as knowledge service. Imbedded SW is the core element which decides value-added of a product. Its importance is on the rise thanks to the advance of digital convergence, but there is a great shortage of high-grade manpower who can design SW and understand HW. For a solution, the government is planning to nurture superior human power with practical experience by targeting large development projects in which education-industriallaboratorial complexes takes part in joint projects, plus offering new technology acquirement opportunities through joint research support with global enterprises and universities as well as laboratories in Korea. In addition to such plans, MIC is planning to support short technology power of smaller companies' workforces through the establishment of imbedded SW technology support centers, while at the same time the ministry increases SW field university laboratory (ITRC) for manpower nurturing of SW field Master/Doctor notch from 11 laboratories in 2006 to 20 laboratories by 2010, establishing a new SW special graduate school for the education of cutting-edge SW technology manpower, and examines a scheme to utilize high-grade SW technology manpower in North Korea as well as overseas from diverse angles. In the case of the package SW market too, domestic companies are suffering from the difficulties in penetrating markets owing to the source technology shortage and market domination by global enterprises and in securing profitability on account of excessive competition between companies in the small domestic market. To solve this problem, the government is planning to concentrate its efforts on public SW's spread and dissemination for the sake of fostering the domestic SW industry development groundwork through source technology security. For the public SW activation of server field, MIC is planning to continuously secure largescale references such as the second integration computerization center plus launching public SW spread dissemination. Regarding the digital content field, Korea has secured global competitiveness in the online game field on the basis of IT infrastructure of the highest level in the world. Accordingly, the government is planning to help domestic companies make active inroads into overseas markets on the basis of such competitiveness. To maintain dominance of global markets for online game, which secures global competitiveness, MIC is scheduled to accelerate overseas market inroads through facilitating connections between Korea's superior technology and overseas funding, while beefing up localization support, such as language or platform conversion.

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