Innovative Functional Skincare : CA PHARM
Innovative Functional Skincare : CA PHARM
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Plagentra” is a cream for stretch-mark care with a sales record. It is best for stretch marks and skincare after pregnancy, growth period, and diet. CA Pharm is providing a variety of products depending on the length of pregnancy, the condition of stretch marks and skin types by applying scientific management system. Plagentra contains EGF(epidermal growth factor) and FGF(fibroblast growth factor) that help produce collagen or elastin, which makes an immediate effect on the dermis.

Stretch Marks Cream

It is internationally certified in the US, EU, Japan, China, Vietnam, and Malaysia. “Atoplagentra”, a brand line for preventing atopic skin trouble, is getting a positive response in the functional moisturizer market. This product prevents atopic skin trouble with atopic, dry, sensitive, and itchy skin. Hee-jun Park, CEO of C.A Pharm said, “Atoplagentra soap, approved by the FDA, is particularly effective in preventing atopic skin trouble.

Atopy Natural Soap

In the past, sales were limited to infants and pregnant women, but recently sales are soaring regardless of gender or age. It has minimized the skin stimulation by using natural vegetable amino acids. It contains PGA(Polyglutamic Acid), a highly moisturizing substance, which helps maintain skin moisture by applying only a small amount. Not only infants or children but adults can use it. Mr. Park said, “It is safe to use for a long period of time since it is harmful steroid free.”

CA Pharm is getting more recognition overseas than at home. It was awarded with a gold and special prize from the 36th Geneva International Invention Exposition in 2008, and won VIP Asia Awards 2009 as the best products top 100 of the year with Atoplagentra. In 2010, the company received a first prize with Atoplagentra and a third prize with Plagentra from Taipei International Invention Show, in addition, a gold and special prize at the 10th Moscow International Salon of innovations and Investments. CA Pharm received a Prime Minister award from the Innovative Technology Show, a minister award from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy as an innovative business, and a minister award from the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family as a business of social contribution for women in 2011.

As “KOTRA Seal of Excellence” brand since 2009, CA Pharm  has been putting an all-out effort to meet domestic demand as well as promote export. It is also pushing ahead with research and development in cooperation with other companies while developing atopy related new products with Kyungbook National University and focusing on the research of fermented oriental cosmetics through school-work links with Daegu Haany University. Please visit

CA PHARM has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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