Comfort and Care Together with Optima Casts : JOIN ENTERPRISE
Comfort and Care Together with Optima Casts : JOIN ENTERPRISE
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No matter how careful an individual is there is no question that accidents happen. It could be something as simple as slipping on ice, or taking a tumble down a flight of stairs. When these inadvertent accidents do in fact occur, it is imperative that the patient experiences the highest level of comfort and convenience while undergoing their period of recovery. Luckily, Join Enterprise Ltd. has been working tirelessly on developing solutions that encompass these needs for a variety of injuries.

Casting Tape & Splint Products

Optima Cast

Utilizing knitted fiberglass fabric that is infused with polyurethane resin, the Optima Cast provides high strength and comfort, while causing the tape to become rigid while exposed to water. The cast itself is five times lighter than conventional plaster casts, and also quite breathable. Optima Casts allow you to self-apply them in approximately twenty minutes.

Optima Splint Roll

For temporary immobilization of fractures, sprains and strains, the Optima Splint Roll is an ideal solution. It uses similar components to the Optima Cast, namely multiple layers of casting strips with a polyurethane resin that allows it to be water activated before use. The splint takes comfort into consideration being encased in a protective barrier of non woven fabric. From application it takes five minutes to set, and is available in a variety of dimensions. There is also an Optima splint which is available in precut form for the protection of wounds.

Internationally Approved Optima Casts

Proven Track Record and Industry Leaders

As a leading medical export and manufacturing companies in Korea, Join Enterprise Ltd.’s proven track-record and commitment to R&D has helped injured patients shift from conventional plaster bandages to the advanced synthetic casting tapes listed above. Each of their products is CE marked and applied for FDA registration. The company has sold over one million pieces of casting tapes and splints within Korea as well as more to thirty countries around the world, leading them to recognition with the KOTRSA Seal of Excellence. For more information please visit

JOIN ENTERPRISE has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009

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