Trend Maker of Water and Health : KEOSAN
Trend Maker of Water and Health : KEOSAN
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Today water pollution has become prevalent, which creates multi-million dollar opportunities worldwide. Its market is rapidly growing as people heavily concern about what is so called “quality of life”. Numerous water-related manufacturers are busy keeping up with today’s fast-pace technology, and a new market paradigm is taking shape: new innovations that include nanotechnologies and molecular technologies.

With over two decades of focus, KEOSAN since 1983 has been introducing its water purifiers and also air cleaners. Providing clean, fresh, and healthy environment to people is its main goal, for this, the manufacturer first is doing the business with customers and our mother nature in mind. More importantly, “Encouraging people to form a good habit of drinking water can eventually prevent diseases and keep our body young,” says CEO Walter Kim.

KEOSAN specializes in various products such as Mineral Water System, Tap Water Filter System, Functional Water System, Portable Water System, Oxygenated Water System, Air-Purifier for Home and Car, etc.

KEOSAN Systems


Natural Gravity Mineral Water System

Natural Gravity Mineral Water System allows you to pour down tap water or underground water into its 12 liter tank; you can soon drink natural mineral water. You do not need to buy bottled water any longer. Since the mineral water contains no chlorine and impurities, it tastes good without any unpleasant odor. For 6 ~ 12 months, there is no need for maintenance.

Bio-Energy Hot&Cold Water Purifying System

For those who look for hot and cold option, KEOSAN has Bio-Energy Hot & Cold Water Purifying System. Its unique water-purifying result comes from all 4-step filter system. The water unit with an artistic design can get water directly from water taps.  KEOSAN’s innovative temperature sensor and automatic water-level controller help you monitor the system effectively.

With a unique filtering system, KEOSAN’s Refreshing Plus Water System with 2.2 liter can offer you fresh and clean water. Its size is small and compact and does not take up much space. And anyone can remove a pre-filter easily; the filter lasts for a long time and is hygienic. Replacing its refreshing filter is required every year. You can find more at

KEOSAN has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009

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