Semi-Natural Bone “Poly Bone” maker: KYUNGWON MEDICAL
Semi-Natural Bone “Poly Bone” maker: KYUNGWON MEDICAL
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When human bones break due to fractures or diseases, they need to be either replaced or reconstructed.
As a result, scientists have developed bone-like materials as viable substitutes. Currently, people mainly focus on developing various new materials. In the future, however, regenerating bones will be a major solution. The global artificial bone market is growing at 7-8 % per year with its volume hovering around US 9 billion dollars. Led by French makers like Biomatlante and Graftys, Europe’s biomaterial sector in particular is strong. The market in Asia is expanding as competition is brewing. Now, Korea’s leading manufacturer is ready to compete globally with top-notch technologies.

KYUNGWON MEDICAL started in 1991, specializing in artificial bone substitutes, bone cement, bone cement injection needle, osteoporosis controlled needle, etc. More importantly, the bio-firm is emphasizing the idea of “enhancing the gift of life” by developing quality products that will increase patients’ quality of life and help surgeons perform their operations effectively.


Kyungwon Medical_Poly Bone

KYUNGWON MEDICAL’s Poly Bone is the most ideal substitute in the market; its microporous particle can allow the vessels and bones to grow in the cavities, and offers a scaffold where a new bone can be generated. Poly Bone is revolutionary in the sense that its Polyphosphate can accelerate bone reconstruction and B-TCP (Beta Tricalcium Phosphate) can help bone growth. It also requires relatively considerable time to set up (about 5 ~ 6 minutes), and has excellent biocompatibility, and is biodegradable. There are three types: powder, granule and block.

Kyungwon Medical_Pedicle Screw

Pedicle screws, the Tyche spinal fixation system is groups of ergonomically designed tools that provide mechanical support and stability in vertebral surgery. They offer circumferential locking with stability and solid locking performance and maximum pull-out strength as well.

KYUNGWON MEDICAL’s percutaneous vertebralplasty needle with analgesic and antitumor effect can be injected safely. Applications are compression fracture, inoperable metastatic spinal tumors, multiple osteoporotic vertebral hemangioma, and osteolytic lesion. You can find more information at


KYUNGWON MEDICAL has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009

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