Your Safety is in Good Hands with Impact Black Hole
Your Safety is in Good Hands with Impact Black Hole
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No one anticipates being in a car accident. At times, and with little warning however, these things do occur. When they do, you want to be certain that your vehicle features the best available crash cushions in order to ensure that you stay safe. Since the company’s founding in 1999, Impact Black Hole Co. Ltd., has been designing innovative and unique crash cushions for a variety of road conditions. The entire staff is devoted to the mission of saving people from needless deaths and making car travel as safe and enjoyable as possible. The company has received much recognition for their products, including awards from the Small and Medium Business Administration, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and other, as well as a number of pertinent certifications including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and others in the safety field.


TWFT (Tensile Wire Fracture Toughness)

TWFT Crash Cushion

Available in a variety of models based on installation needs (for speeds ranging from 60km/h to 100km/h), the Tensile Wire Fracture Toughness crash cushions utilize an innovative tensile type collision shock absorption system. The system takes advantage of the tensile forces in stainless steel wire to maximize absorption and eliminate shock impacts when a vehicle collides with a structure on the road. Compared to standard conventional type shock absorption systems, the TWFT is vastly more soft and reliable.  


TESS (Tensile Elastic Spring System)

TESS Crash Cushion

The Tensile Elastic Spring System is shock absorption technology for the next generation of safety. The shock absorption functionality occurs in the stainless steel tensility spring which lies between the bars. The importance of this is that the springs themselves do not incur damage during a collision, minimizing the need to replace the structure in its entirety. It is of compact size and sophisticated design, making it ideal for a variety of road conditions. Similar to the TWFT it is available in a range of models for collision speeds from 60km/h to 100km/h depending on its usage. 


RBS (Rolling Break System)

RBS Crash Cushion

The Rolling Break System features a rolled tube in conjunction with a variety of instruments to absorb the forces of kinetic friction. The drag between the rolled tube itself and the bolts installed in the inducing instruments is the primary source of impact energy absorption. The RBS is available in a range of models for speeds of 50km/h to 110km/h. For more information please visit


IMPACT BLACK HOLE has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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