Iorex: Improving you Quality of Life Through Water
Iorex: Improving you Quality of Life Through Water
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Water truly does dictate our lives. It covers 70% of the surface of our planet. The average human body contains water content of upwards to 60-70%. Drinking an appropriate amount of water is conducive to a healthy lifestyle. As such, it is important to ensure that the water you are drinking is high quality and not contaminated. In 2002, based on the recognition of the importance of high quality water, Iorex Co., Ltd. was established with the singular goal of providing the highest quality water via an innovative water treatment system.  Since that time, the company has expanded out of Korea to work globally with companies from North and South America, Russia, as well as other parts of Asia and the Pacific region.


How does Iorex Work

Ionization Water Treatment System

For a clean plumbing system, IOREX comes useful as streaming water become activated and prevent pollution and corrosion caused by rust, scale, and slime. In addition, its apparatus is environmentally friendly and keeps essential minerals intact in softened water.  Applications are water supply systems, industrial water systems, buildings, houses, etc. 

IOREX Process

Iorex is essentially an ionization-based system that works using the principles of static electricity via contact. The generated charge is then released which in turn ionizes the water that is passed through the Iorex. The Iorex system has a proven track record of preventing and removing rust, prevention of scale, and providing high quality healthy water. The product is also environmentally friendly, and reduces the usage of fuels that thus extend the life cycle of the pipeline and reduce overall costs.


“Water is the Origin of Life”

At Iorex, the company slogan is “water is the origin of life,” and based on the examples listed above this is a completely accurate claim. Iorex has been developing immaculate products since the company’s inception. Since then they have been recognized worldwide with a number of awards and certifications, as well as attaining the KOTRA Seal of Excellence in 2010. Iorex as an organization has promised to devote themselves to the development and innovation of the world’s best water treatment solutions. For more information please visit


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