Best “Powder Metallurgy” Technology for Auto Parts: SINTERON
Best “Powder Metallurgy” Technology for Auto Parts: SINTERON
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An engine is consisted of many small mechanical parts, and each plays a critical role. These small parts, including “hubs, valve seats and guides, conrods, sprockets, rotor outers and inners” must be performing with stability, and this reliability comes from how they are made and with what materials. This is where the method “Sintering” comes useful. Sintering refers to creating target products from metal powders. Powdered materials in a mold are heated to become a new solid object. Usually sintered parts have several distinctive advantages: high level of purity and uniformity, strength, and being able to produce pieces that cannot be made by the other technologies.

Engine Parts_Cam Shaft Sprocket & Crank Shaft Sprocket

Since 1979 SINTERON has been regarded as the most competitive “Powder Metallurgy” manufacturer of auto parts in Korea. With ISO/TS Certificate by SGS, its main products such as connecting rods, oil pump rotors and gears, flange blanks, hub synchronizers, and others are on many shelves, greeting customers who are looking for better quality and technology. Also, SINTERON is proudly flagging up several measures in order to achieve a zero-defect rate by implementing strict testing and quality management systems.

Engine Parts_Conrod Finished & Connecting Rod

Among other SINTERON’s engine parts, conrod finished and connecting rod are made of each KREBSOEGE and WERHOIT 80, and has a density level of 7.5 min, hardness 180~320mn, and tensile and yield strength, 990min and 627min. Its Flange Blank is sintered from JASO and SMF4030 and shows density 6.6min, hardness 65~85min, tensile strength 294min, and yield strength 275min. Cam Shaft Sprocket from KREBSOERGE and WERHODIT 80 has density 7.5min, hardness 180~320min, tensile strength 990min, yield strength 627min, while Crank Shaft Sprocket from materials like JASO and SMF4035 has density 6.7~7.1 min, hardness 140min, tensile & yield strength 343min and 324min. You can find out more about these products at

SINTERON has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009

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