Create and Amplify Limitless Sounds with JARGUAR Amplifiers: SUHYOUNG
Create and Amplify Limitless Sounds with JARGUAR Amplifiers: SUHYOUNG
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People use an amplifier to empower a signal which is usually a voltage or current. This device uses  foreign energy to accomplish the increase. There are a number of different amplifiers which can be utilized depending on their application. One of them is an audio amplifier that amplifies low-powered audio signals to desired levels that are suitable for applications like movie theaters, concert halls, home-theatre systems, etc. In Korea, particularly, the Korean-version of karaoke greatly benefited from the amplifier. It once became extremely popular years ago, and one amplifier maker dominated nearly 90% of the market.

SUHYOUNG Co., Ltd began in 1989 with its historical mission of cultivating the pro audio device industry in Korea. As a pioneer, the company with highly advanced technologies has successfully ploughed the barren field into one of the most competitive markets. SUHYOUNG also as a fierce global competitor has shown record growth, the development of pro audio technologies, and continuous efforts across the continents.


To keep up with today’s fast changing market trend, SUHYOUNG has to offer numerous high-efficient and high performing technologies: SMPS power supply for high power audio amplifier, wireless computer controlled portable sound system, and others., However, one product which really stands out is digital X-over, its top-notch speaker sound processor technology that sharply reduces irregular responses from speakers’ low, mid, and hi sound..


In the Karaoke Amplifier category, SUHYOUNG introduces both digital and analog JARGUAR amplifiers.  Models such as PA-300A with 350Watt power has 300W output and comes with analog preamp, while PA-300D with 380W power produces 300W output and PA-604D 680W power can handle 600W output. Digital amplifiers PA-203N, PA-506N, PA-203, and PA-506 feature digital signal process pwm amplifier technology and a DSP Echo system which has next generation function : creating sounds through Digital Signal Processing (creating in order to generate unlimited sounds). SUHYOUNG also brings offers pro audio systems; they are power amplifiers, powered mixer amplifiers, mixers, professional speakers, etc. For more information, please visit

SUHYOUNG has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009

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