Jejoong Medical Participating in ‘Florida International Medical Expo 2012'
Jejoong Medical Participating in ‘Florida International Medical Expo 2012'
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WONJU, KOREA — Jejoong Medical, Co, Ltd., ( a company specialized in electrosurgical units and medical film illuminators, attempted to reach out to the world through participating in ‘Florida International Medical Expo 2012 in Miami (FIME 2012)’ held from August 8 to 10.

Jejoong Medical Booth at FIME 2012 in Miami

FIME 2012, held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, is one of the largest international medical device fairs in North America with the exhibits of approximately 950 professional medical device suppliers and approximately 45,000 visitors. It is not only a mere medical society or an exhibition, but it is also very meaningful in terms of providing a place where all kinds of people within the medical industry, such as manufacturers, sellers, intermediary purchasing agents, etc., gather together for the sake of communication.

Jejoong Medical Co., Ltd. got many praises for its various products that had been introduced at FIME 2012, such as the new electrosurgical unit ‘ZATHA Series’, the existing high-frequency surgical unit ‘COVE’, the x-ray film illuminator ‘DILOS’.

Particularly, ‘ZATHA Series’ is a unit which was made by the ACW (Arc-Controlled Waveform) technology which was developed solely by Jejoong Medical Co., Ltd. for the first time in the world. This product attracted the attention of many visitors in the exhibition since it was developed to minimize the carbonization of skin tissues, which was the shortcoming of the exiting electric surgical devices at a time of surgery, and the secondary bleeding due to a electrode tip.

Jejoong Medical Co., Ltd. built world-class quality management systems as being certified for International Quality Management (ISO 9001), Medical Devices International Standard Certification (ISO 13485), KFDA medical device manufacturing authorization (KGMP), European CE MARKING (0120), etc.

In addition to the exhibition, Jejoong Co., Ltd. has been consistently trying to enhance its corporate brand image through participating in numerous overseas fairs such as the medical device exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany (MEDICA), the medical devices and pharmaceuticals fair in Vietnam (Medi Pharm), Arab Health Dubai medical device fair (ARAB Health), the Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES), etc.

In Soo-Kim, President of Jejoong Co., Ltd., said “participating at FIME 2012 was an opportunity for us to confirm our presence and potential on the international stage through communicating with a variety of medical personnel such as buyers and producers of each country,” and “we plan on participating continuously in domestic exhibitions as well as overseas exhibitions going forward.”

Jejoong Medical Co., Ltd., established in 1988, is becoming the nation's leading company as strengthening its business competencies in the areas of medical devices such as medical film illuminator, electrosurgical unit, surgical products, etc. It is currently doing active business activities such as signing exclusive contracts in countries all over the world, to name a few, China, Switzerland, Indonesia, Vietnam, Iran, Egypt, and etc.

Inquiries: / 88-33-747-5363

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