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Not an Impossible Dream
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Korea's HanbitSoft at full speed to be best game publisher in Asia by 2008 HanbitSoft will gear up its attack on the overseas markets this year to be reborn as the No. 1 game professional publisher in Asia, Alex Kim, CEO of the game developer, said recently. Noting that the cultural contents industry is enjoying brisk business performance both at home and abroad this year, Kim said that HanbitSoft has set 2006 as the year for another take-off. Related to this, HanbitSoft has placed emphasis of its managerial strategy for 2006 on a stable profit structure, securing growth momentum and bolstering the SSEN (Speedy, Strong, Exciting and New) organization, the CEO said.
'We will make best efforts to make HabitSoft the top game professional publisher in Asia in 2008 when our company will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its founding,' said Kim. As a means of stabilizing its profit structure, HanbitSoft plans to increase its royalty income from overseas through construction of portfolios comprising competitive products and finding of excellent business partners. It will also seek maximization of supplement profits through sales increase of character products, expansion of its off-line distribution system, and onesource, multi-use of on-line game. 'To secure growth momentum which will lead the future growth of HanbitSoft, we will also explore future-oriented businesses and secure business strongholds in foreign countries for global management,' said the top manager of the game company. At the same time, HanbitSoft will bolster its capability to be reborn as the SSEN organization. In particular, HanbitSoft has launched 'Granado Espada,' which has been regarded as the best game, this year. In keeping with the introduction of the popular game, HanbitSoft will aggressively attack the overseas markets this year, he said. In December 2004, HanbitSoft established its locally incorporated firm in Japan, named Hanbit Ubiquitous Entertainment Ltd., jointly with Hitachi of Japan in an attempt to secure a base of its online contents business in the neighboring country. Through the joint venture, HanbitSoft is offering online game contents to Japanese customers and engaging in a joint development project of online games and a publishing project with major Japanese companies. In August 2002, HanbitSoft and China Telecom, the Chinese largest communication carrier, established a joint venture, named 'Happy Digital,' in China for the first time in the history of the Korean game industry. At present, Happy Digital is providing Chinese customers with the online games, including WYD, Survival Project and Tantra. Currently, HanbitSoft is offering the popular online game WYD to eight countries, including Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Brazil. HabitSoft is also exporting its online game Pang Ya to nine countries _ Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, China, Indonesia, the U.S., Canada, Brazil, and the Philippines. As the needs for casual game are growing in the American online game market, HanbitSoft advanced into the U.S. market with Pang Ya. HanbitSoft succeeded in encroaching upon the American market as it advanced into the market with not Oriental casual game but sports contents that all users in the world can evoke sympathy. Assessing that the Brazilian game market is still in a market formation stage, HanbitSoft advanced into the market with Tantra and WYD for loyal customers and with Pang Ya for casual users. Through its advancement into Brazil, a country using Portuguese, HanbitSoft plans to expand its inroads into other countries using Portuguese in the near future. As the Mexican game market is moving from the console, arcade-oriented one to an online one, HanbitSoft advanced into the market with its hardcore MMORPG, Tantra. As Mexicans use Spanish, HanbitSoft will be able to enter Hispanic countries, including Argentina and some European nations in the future. HanbitSoft was established in 1999 and immediately earned top position in the domestic PC game market by successfully publishing the Blizzard's entertainment PC games, including StarCraft and Diablo 2. It secured its firm position as the nation's representative publisher by offering such best game services as Pang Ya, WYD, Tantra and Granado Espada.

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