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A New Conversion
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KGDA In the vanguard of open source & information sharing Driven by the inauguration of its new president, the Korea Game Developers' Association (KGDA) www.kgda.or.kr, is introducing innovations such as improving game developers' rights and interests, information-sharing and development, and strengthening its capacity to activate the community.
Newly-inaugurated president Byulbram, who concurrently serves as professor, computer game department, Chungkang College of Cultural Industries located in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province, asks whether the unbalanced growth structure of the domestic game industry, which overlaps with some online games and overseas games, still offers Korea a rose-colored future. Interviewed by the Korea IT Times, he proposed building an infrastructure for game development, for no other reason than lifting the level of information-sharing of game production regarding the tasks Korea, which is behind the United States or Japan's game production history, needs to do to catch up with them. The president emphasizes, in that regard that the Association itself has to be in the vanguard of open source and information sharing, recognizing that game development is never a work to do alone and more value is added when sharing value. Promoting game developers' rights and interests Regarding the direction he would like KGDA to pursue, Mr. Byulbram stresses that he will first of all commit himself to game developer's rights and interests as the core force to lead the future culture. In conjunction with this, the president notes that game business circles must put an end to be considered as evil of society as it is driven as an object of sacrifice always in front of groundless blame and slander about game. Second, Mr. Byulbram underscores that game business circles has to help capacity improvement of co-worker developers each other in addition to beefing up self's capacity, adding that the future of Korea game industry is in the end the future of our developers. In that respect, he hopes that KGDA would serve as a window through which game business circles' information is conveyed more transparently and exactly plus practical development knowledge and at the same time, analyzes, discusses, and prepares such information. Third, the president underlines community's activation importance, mentioning that the energy of KGDA comes from its members.
Overcome challenges! As part of such information sharing, KGDA has been holding 'Korea Game Developers Summit' through which the core leaders of game development publishers in Korea meet one time a year, resulting in specialized discussion culture of the principle of having affairs run by a select few. Besides, the Association has been hosting 'Korea Game Conference', the largest scale game-associated conference in Asia, held annually since 2001, resulting in sharing practical knowledge among special game business circles employees. Mr. Byulbram pointed out that Korea's game industry which dominated as a powerhouse of PC online game is now facing several challenges. He elaborated, "In the field of online game, Korea is challenged by latecomers such as China and the advanced markets of the United States and Europe and is not likely to be easily changed from its solid structure of video game market. Further, new platforms such as DMB (digital multimedia broadcasting), Wibro (Wireless Broadband), IP-TV are being ceaselessly introduced." To cope with such competition and challenges, the president concluded his interview by stressing that global game development policy should be made from mutual exchanges on the basis of individual goals and the nation's business circles' common objective to boost Korea's game industry globally.

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